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[HowTo] Update Front Row on your Hackintosh to latest 1.2.1

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What do you need?


1. Installed Front Row (version from Restore DVD). Use the instruction at http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=10470 ([HowTo] Native FrontRow without any illegal hacks? It is easy :().

2. iTunes 6.0.4, iPhoto 6.0.2

3. Mac OS X 10.4.4 or 10.4.5


How to...?


1. Download Front Row 1.2.1 Update ( http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/frontrow121.html ).

2. Go to FrontRowUpdate.mpkg > Contents > Resources.

3. Install FrontRowUpdate1.2.1.pkg with Pacifist ( it is free http://www.charlessoft.com/ )


And here you are... no reboot needed :(. Hooah!

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Did you also install AppleVAUpdate3.0.17.pkg?

I did :).it did no good for me since i dont have a gma card. all are still working great.

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I installed the FrontRow and AppleVA update. Now I'm getting a white screen instead of frontrow. :) I backed up AppleVA.framework before and restored it, but still only white screen.

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restore the old gma kexts


I lost coreimage support. As you said, the AppleVAUpdate installed a new AppleIntelGMA950.kext. I deleted this kext and now I have coreimage back and the new frontrow of course! Thank you!

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i was wondering how you guys got front row 1.2.1 running

heres what i did

fresh install of 10.4.4 then i installed front row

then i installed the freontrowpass.kext

everything works fine including front row

ok now i upgrade 10.4.5 and i try to activate front row i get grey screen of death

so i update front row to 1.2.1

try to load front row i get grey screen of death

then i install sec updates and try running front row again

grey screen of death

i have p 4 sse3 nx

asrock 775 dual sound gma900 video and realtek ethernet all work

i was wondeirn how you guys are running front row 1.2.1 on 10.4.5 ? all i want is the bojour feature

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