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  1. can i install this on top of my iDeneb_v1.4 10.5.6 ?
  2. is there a way to hide my other drives such as "download drive" and "time machine backup drive" durning the select menu as it pointless to show them since they are not bootable drives?
  3. Apple is DOOOOOMED without netbooks

    i considered the macbook air is netbook.
  4. mm can you post it again..the link isnt working anymore.
  5. AppleSMBios 28 for 10.5.3

    applesmbiosenabler.kext isnt that good, shutdown doesnt work with it.
  6. everything works but apart from shut down. when i use mac nub's AppleSMBIOS-iMac, shut down work prefect.
  7. what about photoshop or other apps since we not using macdotnub's AppleSMBIOS-27??
  8. Ferpa can you upload the kext , how you get 2.0 digital working.. i cant even get sound out with my own Linux dump using with AppleHDAPatcher 1.20.
  9. Ati HD 2400 driver :censored2: any1 got this card to confirm its working?
  10. guys try this: remove the nvidia graphic card and put a ATI card to see if shut down works.
  11. the AppleIntelACPIPlatform from the KALYWAY has added PS/2 and reboot fix. if your setup is working then you dont need it.
  12. i need to test my hackintosh for stablebility to see if any crashes. like the Prime95 on windows. thanks
  13. hehe i got shutdown to work finally with this Acpiplatfourm.kext and using this new Netkas 9.2.0 kernel.
  14. cant get it up work on Dell 530s intel G33 chipset, when i try to shutdown..it does reboot instead.