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The Masked Macintosh

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Quite a lot of TV shows have their main computers as Macs. However a few TV shows have what I like to call "Masked Macs". These are Macs that are disguised. Most techniques of disguising the Macs are by covering up the glowing Apple logo on the back of the screen and never showing what's actually on the screen (like in How I Met Your Mother). However in some extremely rare cases, they also cover up writing below the screen identifying what soft of Mac it is and also stick a fake OS over Mac OS X.


An example of an extreme case was in Zoey 101 where there was an iBook with a strange sticker covering the Apple logo, some black tape covering the iBook logo under the screen and was running a very warped Windows XP (warped because it was missing the start button, the system clock and other XP items).


Who else seen some "Masked Macs"?

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