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  1. Is this really true? When I minimize Quicktime videos while they're playing in Tiger, they play fine. Videos in Leopard don't. Is everyone experiencing this because on both machines I have Leopard on, the videos never play in the dock.
  2. ilikelmo25

    Force APM Install

    I'm trying to install Leopard on my PowerBook G4 (12" 1.33GHz) but it doesn't have an optical drive that supports dual layer. So I'm trying to install using target disk mode from a MacBook to the PowerBook. However the Leopard installer detects that it's on Intel and insists on using GUID instead of APM. Is there any way to force it to use APM?
  3. I know there's an ftp command in OS X but is there any way I can use implicit SSL in it?
  4. I was able to fix it with a simple archive & install. Thanks to those that helped.
  5. ilikelmo25

    Leopard doesn't want to install

    I managed to install Leopard via Target Disk Mode but I'd still like answers to my question so that I can prevent this from happening in the future.
  6. I recently downloaded Leopard (not OSx86) and burned it. When I put it into my iMac, it starts loading (grey Apple logo appears) and after a few seconds, it ejects the disc and briefly puts a prohibitory sign on the screen. Then after a second it disappears and the iMac is left with a blank grey screen. What's strange is that it boots into the installer on my MacBook. Just not my iMac. It's an iMac 17" (Late 2006 CD) if anyone needs the info.
  7. OMG my sarcasm measuring device is off the charts!!!
  8. There doesn't seem to be anything in the System Preferences relating to my issue. The port is definitely working. Being the person I am, I use USB drives all the time. So if a USB port stops working, I'll definitely know. I think it's a software issue but even if it is, I have no idea where to start on fixing the issue.
  9. I happen to live in Australia and am a Mac user. But why are things so stupidly overpriced in Australia? I checked the online Apple store and you can see that things are so overpriced in Australia compared to the US. For example: MacBook Pro: US Price: $1,999 AU Price: $2,699 MacBook Air: US Price: $1,799 AU Price: $2,499 Mac mini: US Price: $599 AU Price: $849 Mac Pro: US Price: $2,799 AU Price: $3,999 Need I say more? Firstly, the US currency doesn't convert into these prices in Australian currency. Secondly, it's not like postage costs that much. Why are things so overpriced over here?
  10. ilikelmo25

    OSx86 10.4.10 doesn't boot

    Never mind. I got it working. Apparently I had accidentally picked Mifki's kernel with a different kernel which is probably what made it kernel panic. Using Mifki's kernel by it self made all the difference. Now does anyone know where I can get a good driver for the onboard graphics (VIA Chrome9 HC IGP)
  11. ilikelmo25

    Dead iMac G4

    Firstly, I don't want to take it to an Apple store because it would be an expensive repair. Besides, I got it from my local dump. They don't know who it came from so I can't ask them if it's under warranty. Besides, I've cracked it open to have a look around so I doubt that they would accept repairing it without me paying a lot of money. Secondly, new iMac G4 power supplys are like $75. I don't want to spend that much and find out that the power supply was actually fine. Thirdly, no the Mac wasn't stripped. It still had the power supply, optical drive, hard drive and logic board. I think it just stopped working and someone decided they would throw it out and get a new Intel based Mac. And a standard PC power supply won't fit because the iMac G4 uses a non-standard plug (thanks Apple) that goes from the power supply to the logic board. I used my volt meter on the plug going from the power supply to the logic board to find out if it was giving any power. It wasn't. However I read somewhere that the power supply won't give off any power unless it's on so I still can't be sure it's the power supply as it could well be the actual logic board it self.
  12. The PowerBook is a PowerBook G4 12" 1.33GHz. I've tried: A hockey puck mouse An Apple Pro Mouse (Black) 2 PC Mouses A Mighty Mouse I do have a wireless bluetooth mouse (Apple Pro Mouse White) but I want to be able to use the second button on a mouse and not have to spend any extra money buying a bluetooth Mighty Mouse.
  13. ilikelmo25

    OSx86 10.4.10 doesn't boot

    So after installing OS X with Mifki's No-NX kernel, it has now brought me a bit further. However now I'm stuck again. When I just let it boot, I get a kernel panic. When I use the -f kernel flag, it brings me to the boot screen (gray screen with gray apple and spinning rotor). However it doesn't get past this. The rotor just keeps spinning and doesn't stop. With -x, it again brings me to the boot screen but this time, after the rotor spins for a while, it just shuts down. Does anyone have any solutions for this?
  14. ilikelmo25

    OSx86 10.4.10 doesn't boot

    I've installed OSx86 10.4.10 on my PC and the installation went fine. But when I try to boot from the hard drive, it says: Loading Darwin/x86 Starting Darwin/x86 And a split second after showing "Starting Darwin/x86" it reboots. I've left it for about half an hour but all it does is reboots over and over again. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  15. This problem has been around for quite a while and I just can't figure it out. I have tried a total of 5 mouses but none of them work on my PowerBook G4. They work on other Macs/PCs but just not on my PowerBook G4. The mouse is definitely getting power as the the red light on the optical mouses come on and also the mouses show up in the System Profiler. External mouses just don't want to work at all otherwise on my PowerBook. Can anyone put me in the right direction?