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XiaoMi Notebook Air 13" FilesPack 2.1

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Files Package For Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13” 2.1

Bios vers A05 — CPU i5 6200U (confirmed working even on A06 bios)




Discussion's thread.


Not working:

Wi-fi / Bluetooth. (Bluetooth works if using a VM to inject the FW)

Nvidia Optimus 940MX GPU. (Optimus does not work on macOS at all)



Excessive battery draining while on sleep.


For 2.0 Steps check the discussion thread




Create the installation flash drive with create install media or with your preferred tool.

Install Clover and copy all the files from the package to the EFI partition of your flash drive.

Install using a fakeid as shown in the picture below.

To boot with fake id select the Gear icon - Graphics Injector - FakeID and insert: 0x123456789



After the installation install clover and copy all the files to the EFI of the local disk and all other files from the pack.


Have Fun!




When updating to new versions of the filepack:

Remove all old files and install the new ones following the ReadMIs.

Just remember to use the same serials you used before.


Don't use bios mods, other files with different patches or you'll get no help.

Special thanks to:

Jolly, gengik84, and RehabMan.


By Jahstories on InsanelyMac a.k.a. EliJah on macos86.com



Please don't post a comment, use

this thread !


What's New in Version 1.07   See changelog


  • Fixed HDMI and Type-c HDMI audio output.
  • Replaced display override file to an updated corrected one.
  • Updated kexts.
  • Updated Config, DSDT & SSDTs.

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Was planning to get this notebook myself, my only question is: is the bios AMI Aptio based and is there english localization in the bios ?

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It's a really cool ultrabook, the bios is in English, don't know if it's AMI Aptio based.

edit: it's a Insydeh2o bios

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Thanks a lot ClaudesTech. My Mi Notebook Air 13 works like a charm with dual boot Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra. I like your Clover Xiaomi boot menu.

Two questions if you have some time:

1/ How do you generate a serial number corresponding to a Macbook Pro 13,1?

2/ Have you manage to make the internal Intel WiFi work?


Again, many thanks for posting those files.

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Thanks for the link to Kylon's tool. I have updated my serial number.

Regarding WiFi, it does work with a USB dongle. But I was wondering about the future support of the internal Intel Wireless AC 8260. Any news? Any date? Any hope?



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By now, it's hard that someone will develop a driver for intel wifi... there is one here but it's not in working state, it's not updated from 10 months and seems dead... :(

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Hey, many thanks for your work and marry christmas :)

My Mi Notebook Air 13 will arrive soon and with your pack I will have a working hackbook in no time :) 

I got a spare M2 SSD (SATA) laying around tho :) But 2 Questions I am curoius about:


- is Multitouch even working wit the PS2 kext? :o would be awesoooome!

- I forgot my other question....:/ damn...wait...ah yeah, you disabled the 940mx in DSDT already? how is battery life with osx? 


Thanks :))

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Hi there, merry christmas to you too!



1. the trackpad is ps2 so its working! ;) you can even assign three finger gestures via keyboard shortcut pref panel!

2. the 940mx is disabled via dsdt, but mysteriously its sometimes recognized... (now fixed)


And battery life is almost good as on Windows 10!


Let us know how is it working for you as soon as you install macOS, sending another post here! 

Have fun!

And happy Mi Hackbook Air!

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you are not using the provided config.plist those flags are not present there...

All from this archive. config.plist  from archive, because system model name : MacBookPro13.1
Maybe i'm was install clover not correct?
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Is trackpad multitouch working now? I can't find anything about that except in the comments here. I've heard that multitouch is not supported and therefore it's not working quite good...

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Oh, that's good on the one side, but bad on the other. I don't know if I will be happy with that, but I will give it a try. 

There won't be a problem with the original external Apple Trackpad, right? 

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As said, bluetooth only works after running a VM that loads its firmware, then after it, you could use the Magic Trackpad!

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Hello, I've got the exact kp as @emela.. 


Definitely some problem with the IntelGFX. It also happens in the latest stage of the installer loading.





I'm using the latest version of your pack and the latest version of clover. 


Any ideas?


Here's the USB_EFI (I've removed the themes folder and put placeholder for copyrighted files):





EDIT: I managed to get in the installer by setting fakeID to 0x12345678. But without that setting, it will get a kernel panic. What am I doing wrong??


EDIT2: I also managed to get NVMe to work by creating the attached SSDT (which has to be added to the config.plist SSDT order as well) and the patched kext from using patch-nvme (google it) with the command:

./patch_nvme.sh --spoof 10_12_2

(you'd have to do this on a system with 10.2.2 installed)

Adding these things will allow you to use the NVMe for installation. And it should be safe to since this method doesn't use clover patching which could lead to incomplete patches  —> data corruption.



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Ok, Install macOS with that fakeID then after the installation upgrade to 10.12.2 and you'll be able to boot without the fake id, just using the provided files.

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I've done that, and it installed 10.2.2 directly. But I still get the same panic :(

I'm using clover v3974, 05 Bios.

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Wow, thanks man.


Could it be some issue with the DVMT allocation? Is there something to be done in the BIOS for that? The options are quite limited..


The Kernelpanic states that there's an issue with the AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext, and by reading the config.plsit I can see that you're telling it to forceload that.



EDIT: This is another thread we're they got those exact KPs. They seem to mention the DVMT as well. It's in German, unfortunately.


EDIT2: Another question, would it be illegal for you to include the HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_2.kext in your filepack?

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