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    [Guide] XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Well after I fidled around with the touchpad and keyboard for some time it was fine. I have no idea what caused this..maybe the firmware was a little bit messy...but now everything is perfect. thanks a ton
  2. Kiaan

    [Guide] XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Hi Claude! Well first of: Thank you so much for your efford putting this package together! U saved me a hell of a lot time Was a joy to install osx on this little {censored} :b I were a bit in trouble when it came to the IntelFramebuffer kext, the patch wasnt included in the pack wasnt it? However, found it here and now im happy 2 Things: - When I boot Windows from clover touchpad is not working at all....you knwo why this happens? :/ - 2cnd thing is in OSX double tab and hold to drag wont work..is there maybe an option I am missing? cheers mate EDIT: Found that the option is in accessibility option pane not in the trackpad one....haha working now. Love it.
  3. Kiaan

    XiaoMi Notebook Air 13" FilesPack

    Hey, many thanks for your work and marry christmas ) My Mi Notebook Air 13 will arrive soon and with your pack I will have a working hackbook in no time I got a spare M2 SSD (SATA) laying around tho But 2 Questions I am curoius about: - is Multitouch even working wit the PS2 kext? would be awesoooome! - I forgot my other question....:/ damn...wait...ah yeah, you disabled the 940mx in DSDT already? how is battery life with osx? Thanks )
  4. Heay Guys AWESOME that u got the Graphic Card to work, I searched very long.... Well i tried all Kext but it wont work for me because I've other ID's: (I dont know how to dump BIOS in Windows ) PCI\VEN_1002&DEV6741&SUBSYS_397617AA&REV_00 By the way its a switchable GPU ^^ U could Please Help me, I would love to get these LAST thung to work in my Lenovo G770 Thanks in advance kind regards
  5. Kiaan

    Need Help With my Hannspree netbook

    Daaaaaamn I GOT IT LuLZ Thanks 4 ur help people -.- the only thing i had to do.. was disable hyperthreading lol evereything work (snow leopard) im so **cking happy
  6. Hey guys! im rly desperate need hlp with my hannspree sn10e2db netbook... i want to install ANY Mac OS on my netbook i dont need windows pc's lol i tried: i flashed the BIOS hazard(instant reboot) iAktos (instant reboot) kalyway(same) iPC (same) windosx(stuck b4 install) !!iDeneb (installed =D but when i try to boot iit stucks look at the picture) well, mybe anyone can help me or may hv experience with this:D thanks greetings Kian