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XiaoMi Notebook Air 13" FilesPack 2.1

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About This File

Files Package For Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13” 2.1

Bios vers A05 — CPU i5 6200U (confirmed working even on A06 bios)




Discussion's thread.


Not working:

Wi-fi / Bluetooth. (Bluetooth works if using a VM to inject the FW)

Nvidia Optimus 940MX GPU. (Optimus does not work on macOS at all)



Excessive battery draining while on sleep.


For 2.0 Steps check the discussion thread




Create the installation flash drive with create install media or with your preferred tool.

Install Clover and copy all the files from the package to the EFI partition of your flash drive.

Install using a fakeid as shown in the picture below.

To boot with fake id select the Gear icon - Graphics Injector - FakeID and insert: 0x123456789



After the installation install clover and copy all the files to the EFI of the local disk and all other files from the pack.


Have Fun!




When updating to new versions of the filepack:

Remove all old files and install the new ones following the ReadMIs.

Just remember to use the same serials you used before.


Don't use bios mods, other files with different patches or you'll get no help.

Special thanks to:

Jolly, gengik84, and RehabMan.


By Jahstories on InsanelyMac a.k.a. EliJah on macos86.com



Please don't post a comment, use

this thread !


What's New in Version 2.1   See changelog


  • Various changes for 10.13 support.

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To avoid that kernel panic, since we don't have dvmt option on bios on the config there is the minstolensize patch.

But as you said it's not working for you and I don't know why, let my poor internet (soo slow here in sicily) download sierra, then I'll help you!

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That's really kind of you ;)


Just to reiterate, it could be important, the installer is already installing 10.2.2. Maybe there's something that has changed.

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0x1231237 works because it disable the gpu acceleration, that forum btw is not tolerated in this community

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Another question. Rehabman mentioned that in order to load the kext patches, you'd need to clear the kextcache. The newer versions of Clover don't offer this functionality though. So I booted the system with a FakeID in order to clear the cache via terminal instead. It still doesn't work though.. Could it be that it has something to do with this though?

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That German thread also has found a fix for Bluetooth apparently.


EDIT: I think the translator screwed up. It's not fixed I guess.


Another question, is there a difference between booting from clover from the SSD vs. USB? (If the config.plist and everything stays the same)

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No there is no difference from booting from usb or hd... if everything is the same...

Still trying to understand that kp...

About bluetooth, any link to that thread you said?

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Wow, great! I'll test it right away. Give me 10 min.



EDIT: Now it boots without a panic, but still without gfx acceleration.. You applied the patch right into the kext I suppose, right?

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Thats regarding caches as you supposed, but on sierra there is no way to boot without cache from clover, so we let the patched kext load on caches so that it could load even the original patched with clover!


That's it.

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Sleep works only from menu button or with timer, if u use the lid you'll have problems...

Not easy to fix, but not an annoying issue btw!

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