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About This File



Thanks to:





Tested on Asus X53SJ-SX148V - i7 variant


Unlock MSR 0xE2:

  1. Advanced Tab
  2. CPU configuration
  3. CPU Lock Options
  4. CFG lock
  5. Set to Disabled
  6. profit [disable KernelPM and AsusAICPUPM/AppleIntelCPUPM patches in Clover]



How to flash:


Easy way (safe?):

  1. Place the BIOS rom in the root of a FAT32 usb stick
  2. Reboot and enter BIOS or Setup
  3. Go to Advanced -> EASY FLASH
  4. Select the BIOS rom and flash


  1. Run afuwingui
  2. Load the BIOS rom
  3. Check Program ALL Blocks and Do Not Check ID
  4. Flash and cross your fingers :D



How to go back to stock:


You will need to HexEdit the release date (be careful!), or you can pm me.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • All options (maybe i forgot a few?) and tabs
  • CPU microcode sandybridge v14-->v29
  • Intel VBIOS v2111-->v2170
  • LAN Realtek Boot Agent v2.35-->v2.64
  • SATA orom to latest compatible with sandyBridge

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Hi mate, do you know of any way for me to dump my BIOS to you, to unlock hidden options? I have an ASUS X550LDV, also the i7, with a BCM94352HMB manually installed... 

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yea, is it AMI ?

if yes, afuwingui can dump your bios

click save instead of open and press ok.

it will generate a rom file, then you can pm me the file

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Hello kylon
I have Asus X53SJ-SX066V
I3-2310M Processor
I'm trying to install windows 10 in UEFI, I make the pendrive with the windows image, when booting the UEFI option, the installation hangs at the beginning when the windows logo appears ...
Do you know what the problem is?
It's happening the same as in this video, but with windows 10:
Thank you

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