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  1. I can t get them to work with any path (clover kexts, LE or SLE) :/ MacOS loads them but there s no wifi Ar946x, so no argument
  2. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    It s working on 10.13.4, you just need to reboot. Kext patches are not applied on first boot after the update installation.
  3. @chunnann v21 is not working anymore on 10.13.4, it crashes macOS
  4. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    When i said "you may need to edit the info.plist" i also said that you can find more info in this thread. This patch is not a plist patch, also the info.plist patch in clover is limited, so you can t use clover for the one i m referring to. If you opened your current config click on save and you are done.
  5. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    my values: name: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB find: c745d000000020 replace: c745d000000060 1.5gb, this is working here. are you using a vanilla AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB? You may also need to patch the infoPlist of the kext, there are more infos in this thread. i have not tried that yet
  6. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    Yeah Remember to restore the unpatched kext. Save as config.txt and replace the config in efi/clover Reboot and enjoy
  7. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    You are using clover, you don t need to mess with kexts, you only need clover kext patches that will be applied on boot by clover, and you can find the links in OP
  8. kylon

    Increase vram - hd 3000

    See OP, grab the patch for your osx version and change the value in replace field
  9. Hi, Lately i started to use MacOS as my daily driver and i put the pc on sleep during the night. When i resume MacOS, it works for about 1-2hr or less and then the UI freezes, i can only move the cursor. No freezes till now after a clean boot. This is a huge problem especially because i loose some code here and there when this happens.... HS 10.13.3 clover 4411 https://ufile.io/je4u7 Thanks
  10. kylon

    Home page login not working

    Hi, Home page login is not working, if i try to sign in i get 404 and i m stuck here (https://www.insanelymac.com/?_fromLogin=1). forum login is fine, but even when logged in, the home page asks me to sign in
  11. ok, i missed them, but what s wrong with FakeLPC and DeleteUnused? yeah, i was not at home, it seems that sf does not load on android (endless loading), they probably broke something or their scripts are too heavy
  12. Sourceforge is not working Are these names changed? Thanks
  13. kylon

    Clover General discussion

    I though i was the only one using an ancient cpu nowadays (as a daily driver) DVMT does not help, also, at least on my pc, other OSes cannot boot with higher DVMT, so either MacOS is happy with any DVMT value or it just ignores the extra memory. I have a lot of ram so my iHD has the max allowed shared memory available, that is 512M according to MacOS and 1.5G according to Windows (wrong?) I m using a VRAM patch to increase the value to 1.5G. This helped a bit. I don t have persistent glitches, they seem ramdon, but actually they start only on some occasions - when i reboot from linux/windows after a long session (4-5hrs +) - when i use the iHD a lot, for ex. Maya 3d or some 2k+ youtube videos So, this could be wrong but, i think that clover "poisons", or it does not clear, something related to the gpu. That would explain why when i reboot from linux to MacOS i can sometimes see glithes, and i m forced to shutdown and boot MacOS directly. From what i can remember i had no glitches in Mavericks and Yosemite(not sure). I should probably try Mavericks + latest/older clover and see what happens when i have time.
  14. Solved The problem was the battery itself. It takes some time to recognize the battery but a delay should fix this. (Because of my hdd and HS) Thanks