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Sony Vaio SVT1311V2E Yosemite installation 1.1

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1) Use Clover bootloader from clover folder (Legacy mode)

2) Put kexts to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 folder

3) Put DSDT to EFI/ACPI/patched

4) Put config.plist to EFI/CLOVER folder


P.S. wifi is unsupported by OSX. It should be changed with supported one (mini half pcie).

I use AzureWave AR5B95. Thanks to SONY for no wifi white lists!!!



What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • NULLCP has been removed
  • You can try new DSDT (sleep, backlight control)
  • But it will be better to generate own.

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Hi, great to see another VAIO installer, but I want to point that half of the stuff you uploaded are unessesary, maybe also harmful to the PC (like NullCPU, and DSDT as everyone should make his/her own). I would be really glad to help you out as I have a SVS VAIO (near to SVT) and UEFI mode too! PM me if you need any help and fixes. :)

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As I think all 

Sony Vaio SVT1311V2E

have the same motherboard, and the same DSDT.

NullCPU is very helpful sometimes. I didn't hear anything that it is harful to the PC.

My friend asked me to install Yosemite on his VAIO, I did this an glad to share configs to each other.

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Well, I fixed so many vaios by now, and I assure you: NullCPU is no good, sharing the dsdt is harmful even with the same model (since it's fw version related). You could just post the patches you applied (please if it's on a repo, dont post the patch files but reffer us where you got it so the original poster will keep his support and fixes), and UEFI is much better than legacy, and I can help you with that too. ;) 

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midi, you was right!)) I've used DSDT from very similar laptop before. I've regenerated DSDT, patched it. I fixed very many issues: sleep, graphics glitches, ...

Thank you for your help!

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