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Found 10 results

  1. tchospy

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    Hi everybody ! let's start from the worst part : I have a vaio laptop :/ and looking for informations about my problem I could see that a lot of Vaio users have the same problem : Black screen after boot. What works on my laptop 1 - Wifi (internal) - Kext wizard 2 - Sounds 3 - Trackpad - Kext wizard 4 - Keyboard 5 - Bluetooth - Kext wizard What does NOT work: 1 - Internal monitor 2 - Advanced things that I don't know and someday will appear...hehe I need help from someone with knowledge in DSDT to try to patch my motherboard and make the internal monitor work properly. I could make a donation to this user that MAKE IT WORK (I promise). "Para brasileiros fica mais fácil de eu transferir algum dinheiro que eu ache justo, por favor não espere muito, pois é complicado..rsrs" I can send my DSDT and or any other system related file that you guys need to performe the patch. Hint: The hdmi out video and vga out works great with ce/qi perfect. But the internal monitor seems to be dead. It does not turns on not even praying! I already talked to Rehab and he said the does not know much about nvidia cards patch. I think we need to mod the nvidia driver and make a dsdt to make things work properly. Please let's help Vaio users. Also I want to share the DSDT code if you want this with other vaio users. Thank you guys. Keep in touch !
  2. Salve a tutti! Dopo un sacco di tempo che non scrivo, rieccomi a porvi un altro quesito. Ho il notebook in titolo, e vorrei installare mountain lion; Seguendo guide di portatili simili, sono riuscito ad ottenere un USB con bootloader Chameleon (tramite kakewalk e successivamente installato Chameleon) e sistema operativo, ma non riesco a schiodarmi dalla schermata della mela; nel senso che, avviando in -v, ciò che ottengo è un riavvio... qual'è il problema? Allego il report di everest. Report.txt
  3. My first post in here. I have been trying to install hackintosh in my Sony Vaio for the past 5 days without any success. Tried iAtkos S3 v2, Hazard 10.6.1-10.6.2, Hazard 10.6.6i, all failed. I was able to boot to the DVD and reach till the customization screen. But I am not sure about the options to be selected in the customization. I am doing a fresh install, and the installation reaches till end. But when I try to boot to the installed mac I had never reached the desktop. If someone have installed mac successfull in vaio or those who can give me a step by step process I will be really thankful. VPCEB14EN Specifications: Processor Name : Intel Core i3-330M processor 2.13 GHz Chipset : Intel HM55 Express Chipset (Mobile H55 Chipset) Graphics Accelerator : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics Motherboard Product Name : Intel® BD82HM55 PCH RAM : 3 GB HD : 320 GB
  4. Hello Guys, Been wondering around a lot, tried loads of OSx86 projects but either I get the files damaged everytime or my Sony is not happy about it. Intel T7100 dual core Mobile Intel PM965 Express chipset 3GB ram NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT Storage controller type: Serial ATA Wireless NIC: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN For more info: http://reviews.cnet....7-32473931.html That's what I have, Which OSx86 project do you think it can work? Also if there is one that can work, can I install it from a USB Flash drive, because I have feeling my DVD Drive is the issue.
  5. sheron


    Hey guys i tried to install mac Lion to my vaio VPCCB15FG i applied a smbios.kext from a macbook 8.2(closest motherboard) and also removed all video drivers except intelHD and ATI6000 drivers and their buffer & support.-(i removed intel GMA ,ATI, Nvidia,etc). I also initialized the Duckweed frame buffer ( <string>Duckweed</string>) in the org. chameleon.boot.plist only to get the installer USB working!!!. after i complete Installation, upon reboot the screen shows apple logo loading screen flashes blue for a sec and goes black!! My laptop has VGA and HDMI outlets only and both did not work. Here is my configuration Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz*1- 3MB L3 Cache MD Radeon™ HD 6630M / Intel® HD Graphics 3000 4GB Ram any help would be appreciated
  6. catanaion

    Sony Vaio FW54M



    Patched DSDT for Sony Vaio FW54M
  7. dogguns

    Sony Vaio VGC-LV190Y Help!

    Hey guys! I really need some help getting my Hackintosh build fully operational! What i have done so far is i have installed Iatkos l2 using the Ahci compatibility and gigabitec root options, because otherwise i would just get "waiting for root device" Also, i chose graphics enabler to get basic graphics functionality. It worked! and i had bluetooth and wifi built in but had to install voodoohda 2.7.3 and play with the voodoohda settings to get audio to work and installed IntelE1000e.kext to get the wired internet working. I then updated to 10.7.4 with the combo update and chameleon 2.1svn r2030 with the official package file. Now the only things that are not working are the graphics card (nvidia geforce 9300m gs), sleep/hibernation, and power management. For the graphics card (my main priority) i have tried a whole bunch of different methods like nvenabler, efi injection, and dsdt injection. With both efi injection and dsdt injection it shows my card info in system information but the card itself is not recognized and apple software rendering is still used. With nvenabler it seems to recognize my card (can be seen with -v at boot) but when the system boots, the internal lvcd screen goes dark as if its off and i just get a black screen. I dont have any type of video out port on my pc to see if it is really working. I have been trying to see if adding an edid in the dsdt would help me get the internal display working with nvenabler however i haven't found any good info on how to do this specifically for my machine. Also i have the graphics card injected in my current dsdt (attached below just delete the .txt extension) but it doesn't really do anything there's still no qe/ci just apple rendering with graphics enabler on and kernel panic with it off. I also attached the lspci which displays the devices of my system. Also, if you guys have any tips on how to get power management and sleep working by dsdt injection it would be highly appreciated! Thanks a bunch guys lspci.txt DSDT.aml.txt
  8. Version 1.1


    SVT1311V2ES 1) Use Clover bootloader from clover folder (Legacy mode) 2) Put kexts to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 folder 3) Put DSDT to EFI/ACPI/patched 4) Put config.plist to EFI/CLOVER folder P.S. wifi is unsupported by OSX. It should be changed with supported one (mini half pcie). I use AzureWave AR5B95. Thanks to SONY for no wifi white lists!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  9. E ai galera, Inicialmente eu tentei instalar várias distribuições diferente e com nenhuma obtive sucesso. Então resolvi fazer o que o Mald0n e o Oldnapalm aconselharam, instalar a versão retail do snow leopard. Até então tudo ok. Obtive sucesso na instalação, instalei o Charmeleon RC5 sem problemas, baixei o pacote EXTRA para MacBook Pro 6,1, joguei para dentro do HD aonde tem o sistema. So que a imagem estava meio lenta, feia e com resolução muito baixa. Eu fiquei tentando configurar a placa de vídeo do meu notebook (Intel HD Graphics) sem sucesso. Até que lendo diversos tópicos a respeito, eu encontrei este: http://olarila.com/f...hilit=Sony+Vaio De acordo com o que o pessoal falou este me pareceu ser o tutorial perfeito para o meu caso pois o modelo do meu notebook é da mesma série (VPC-EB11/FX). Só que já no primeiro passo do tutorial encontrei uma barreira. Ali diz que é pra instalar a atualização do MAC OS para a versão 1.6.7 Update Combo. Quando inicio a instalação vai ocorrendo tudo ok, porém no finalzinho da um erro que acredito que seja Kernel Panic. Segue em anexo a imagem "Panic.jpg". O notebook travou e fui obrigado a desligar direto pelo botão. Logo após religuei e tentei executar normalmente e não tive sucesso, usando a flag -x e também não tive sucesso e nem com a flag -s para tentar remover alguma kext. Usando o -s ele trava também. Segue em anexo a imagem "BootAfterPanic.jpg" mostrando o erro. Gostaria de saber se alguem pode me ajudar quanto a isso? Minha assinatura foi atualizada para ajudar em alguma eventual dúvida sobre meu hardware. Ah, ja ia me esquecendo.. Também não consegui configurar o meu DSDT.aml, alguem pode me ajudar?? Desde já agradeço a ajuda!
  10. darkcosmos

    Sony VAIO SVE1511L1EW.CEK

    I recently purchased this laptop from Amazon, and I've not been an active member of the OSx86 Community for a few years due to incompatible laptop. I was just wondering if this particular laptop is capable of running Lion/Mountain Lion? Ill prove as much information as I can: Brand: Sony Vaio SVE1511L1EW.CEK Processor Type: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz Memory: 4 GB Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM Graphics Card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 If this system can handle Lion/Mountain Lion, what would be the best method to get it installed? (iAtkos etc) Many thanks for any help offered