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Clover 5149 EFI for Monterey and Ventura. Recent versions of the kexts are included. 1.0.0

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About This File

It works fine on my hardware (Z390 Aorus Elite + i9 9700 + RX6600) although with the proper customization in terms of kexts it can work well with other Z390 boards and 9th gen CPUs, with integrated and/or AMD GPU.


There are 2 configuration files:

  • config-imac-amd.plist: iMac 19.1 + AMD dGPU + iGPU headless mode
  • config-imac-intel.plist: iMac19,1 + iGPU as main - without dGPU.


  • rename selected config file to config.plist
  • for RX 580 and other Polaris cards remove agdpmod=pikera from boot-args
  • add serial numbers for the SMBIOS model.
  • thanks to @Slice and others (jief666vectorsigma72, @LAbyOne @Sherlocks etc.) for this work.
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