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ATI HD4670

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ok, it took a couple weekends but finally. SUCCESS!! clean install of SL with HD4670.

my specs:

DG33TL Mobo
Intel Core2Quad Q9550; 4Gigs RAM
Sapphire Radeon HD4670 512MB DDR4 PCI-e
lots of SATA HDs (using all 5 slots on board plus add in Syba Sil3132 PCIe-1 card with 2 more SATA slots)
Dual boot Windows 7 & SL 10.6.2, both 64bit

A couple things I had to do:

1. Disconnect all HD's except Mac HD prior to install; connect monitor via a DVI to VGA adapter (a requirement for ATI HD4670 to work in SL 10.6.2).
2. in order to install SL had to boot with -x (safe mode) at every reboot until the last (i.e. 10.6.2 combo update installed). 10.6.2 supports ATI HD4670, previous versions of Snow do not. video card was my biggest hassle.
3. AHCI in bios, GUID when formatting HD for SL install, per your spec. (However, I installed multiple partitions on the HD to which I installed SL with no issues.)
4. SL installed from retail DVD image no problems. Ethernet was working with vanilla kexts in 10.6 (but failed once updated to 10.6.2). use USB stick to boot until you install Chameleon to the Snow Leopard partition; per above, keep safe booting until 10.6.2 is fully installed (due to ATI 4670 video card)
5. Before updating to 10.6.2, install some, not all kexts. i kept getting kernel panics and hangs with Voodoo HDA (although it worked fine in the end), and since ethernet was working in 10.6, i left those two kexts out until the end, after 10.6.2 was up and running (i had downloaded the 10.6.2 combo update in advance.) install all the rest of the kexts in not4you2's extra file. i installed using kext utility instead of kext helper (google it you'll find it, SL 64 bit version available). Kext helper kept hanging. kext utility does more anyway. i installed each kext one by one to be safe. Reboot from USB stick, select Snow Leopard partition, type -x and hit enter (for video card)
7. STILL IN 10.6.0 (IE BEFORE UPDATING TO 10.6.2) Install Chameleon. for ATI 4670 video card, i had to replace Chameleon boot file with Netkas' PC_EFI 10.5 boot file. google it you'll find it. to replace boot file i used a little freeware tool called "show hidden files": launch the app and click "show, " replace boot file, then click "hide" again. cool little app.
8. STILL IN 10.6.0 (IE BEFORE UPDATING TO 10.6.2) And also for the video card, edit boot.plst to include graphic enabler=yes. (path to file is:
/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist; drag the file to your desktop, edit using text editor, then drag pack to where it came from and replace (or rename the old file to end in .old and then just drag and drop the new file). add the following lines to boot.plst:


In theory Chameleon is supposed to take care of this but my card wouldn't work without this. seems to be a common problem. Fix permissions (just click on kext utility).
9. Install 10.6.2 (i had downloaded it to a usb stick and placed it on the desktop). reboot with -v to check if everything is ok
10. If necessary, edit video kexts (ATI4600.kext and ATIx2000.kext) to include device id (actually a combination of device id and vendor id. my device id was 0x9490 and vendor id was 0x1002. id in video kexts was 0x94901002. it was already present in 4600.kext and in x2000.kext, although in the latter i moved it to the front of the string.) get device and vendor id's from "about this mac" graphics tab or from windows device manager. to edit video kexts: navigate to /System/Library/Extensions, right click on kext, select "show contents," double click on info.plist file inside kext (edit with texteditor) and scroll around until use see the device id's, if your device id is not there, type it in and save.
11. install ethernet kext and audio kext using kext utility
12. Reboot and admire your beautiful screen, audio, and ethernet connection!




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well this is the only radeon hd4670 post i can find out there so thanks so much looks like i might have a hackint0sh yet.

But i just have a problem i installed 10.6 and got the tick saying its done when i reboot i get the spinning loading sign with the apple logo and i think it boots but i cant see anything because the screen go's black and my monitor says no sig. so i'm guessing that i have a GPU problem.

So i'm just asking what should my next step be?
I'm not good with linux as i have just changed to it.



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Try Booting insafe mode -x
It worked for me but here's the catch IT ONLY WORKED AFTER I UPDATED IT TO A Snow Leopard 10.6.2 using the latest from http://dl.dropbox.co...PC-EFI 10.6.zip

Today, netkas released PC-EFI 10.6. It is based on Chameleon RC3. According to his post:

New in this release:
* Support for desktop Radeons 4300/4500/4600 in GraphicsEnabler
* Added system-id fix, system doesn’t forget your keyboard settings anymore
* Added fix for lynnfield cpus

ATI Diamond HD4670 purchased at Fry's Electronics
using it on my buddies but will add changes later... it's working fine "Front Row" works and full video and acceleration.
Limited to only VGA for now, until i get time to hack it more.

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That is normal because additional 4xxx cards were "officially" added on 10.6.2.



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I am using the ati hd 4670 and 10.6.2 after the installation had no problem checking system settings I see appears as ati hd 4890 works 100%
am using ----> Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Client Server Intel AMD SSE2/SSE3 Hazard by an AMD / m2n sli / ATI HD 4670 1 GB / 4GB DDR Memory / 500GB SATA disk.


* Legacy_kernel_10.2.0
* EVOenabler_Extra_Extension
* VoodooHDA_v2.5.3
* NforceATA
* nforceLAN
* LegacyAppleRTC
* IOATAFamily_Sata_Fix

the end of attempts to install this setup was functional
hope to help someone and sorry for my English ...
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got SL up and running on my i7, did the 10.6.3 combo update, and I have QE/CI, a settable resolution, but I cant seem to run dual head... any ideas? I used the tonymacx86 bootcd/##### method.



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I am using the ati hd 4670 and 10.6.2 after the installation had no problem checking system settings I see appears as ati hd 4890 works 100%

If I understand you correctly, I will install in 10.6.2 HD4890 instead HD4670?



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Big thanks to - InfiniteMac forums
After 2 days of hard trying (got only Black Screens or Glichy graphics) I finally got fully working Asus HD4670 512MB, ID 1002:9490!

My setup:
iATKOS S3, boot_flicker, monitor connected to DVI2VGA dongle (VGA out doesn't work, except when I plug DVI2VGA dongle (without monitor), but then I get fancy colors).

I also installed 10.6.4 update with success!


1. Installed iATKOS S3 with integrated graphics card (because with HD4670 after installation I got Black screen, even in safe mode)
(options used: PC EFI 10.6, Graphics Enabler, voodoo HDA, NTFS-3G, everything else left by default)
2. edit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist
add pmVersion=20 (in correct form) needed for 10.6.4 update kernel panic
3. rename original /boot to /boot2
4. extract boot_flicker and copy boot file to root folder
5. install updates
6. restart PC and change graphics card to HD4670
7. connect DVI2VGA dongle and monitor to it
8. Beautifully running MacOS :)


9. There is a Apple released kext update. Installed it and everything is still running beautifully! :)



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How to get your Ati Radeon HD 4670 to work is...
Check my brand new video

It will tell you how



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Hi, Pilmen.

I have 10.6.8 installed ( by hazard) on an ECS A-709GXM-AD3, and Phenon II X4 Processor,
The video card is a Saphire HD4670 1Gb.

So, first I tryed to compile Camaleon by myself, when I tryed the comand make, it says something like " not any job" . Nothing hapens.

So I used the boot file you atached.

Renamed the old boot file and replaced.

Used ATI4600controller.kext and ATIRAdeonX2000.kext, bundled and another one modified for especific 4670.

After installing kexts and fixing permitions, rebooted, and All I have is a Garbage screen, I see Mac is funcioning, I have audio, but cant figure it anything out about video.

Could it be because of 10.6.8 ? if I reinstall system on 10.6.2 and use the bundled kexts with modified boot file, should function ?

I was so hopefull this method would function, cuz I've alread lost MANY days researching, trying metods and this one I think would be successfull..

Any help would be appreciated.



I have HD4670 ID 1002:9490
This method works full for me (full article http://www.insanelym...p/t203990.html) :
Chameleon RC4 is missing some framebuffer settings for 46xx cards, so we need to patch it. It appears that 46xx cards are using the Shrike framebuffer, and Chamelon RC4 inject them as Motmot, plus there is a template "bug".

- download Chameleon RC4 sources
- unrar sources
- open a terminal and go to the Chameleon sources folder
- edit the i386/libsaio/ati.c file
- Find your PCI ID (around line 200) and change Motmot to Shrike (46xx only)

For me :

221 { 0x10029490, "Motmot"} ,
Becomes :

221 { 0x10029490, "Shrike"} ,
Search the following line (line 668) :

if(framebuffer[0] == 'M' && framebuffer[1] == 'o' && framebuffer[2] == 't') //faster than strcmp
Replace by :

if(1) // FIXME
(Note : we need to find a better way to fix that, and call evprop_add_ati_template_4xxx(device); only for 4xxx cards, maybe an id range ?)

- Save changes
- Type make embedtheme in the Chameleon sources folder :

demik@rampage ~/Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-src
% make embedtheme

- backup your /boot file, for example :

sudo cp /boot /boot.old

- install your patched Chamelon RC4 :

sudo cp Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-src/sym/i386/boot /boot
- reboot, it should work with your patched bootloader

All you need SnowLeopard 10.6.2 + Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684(with modif boot file)
Boot file in Attachment.



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Anyone have dual monitor going in 10.7.3 with the ATI Radeon HD 4670 512MB Dual DVI, IDs Dev. 9490 SubSys 25421028?

Trying to get the 2nd port going via DVI2VGA adapter. Monitor is detected as VGA but remains black. Full res. and QE/CI on main DVI. Adaptations of any ATIConfig FBs don't do anything, and neither GraphicsEnabler Yes or No. Always full res. change on DVI, black screen on 2nd DVI via VGA, Framebuffer does NOT get set (only generic ATI fb displayed via ioreg|grep ATY --> DVD Player crashes).

Any ideas?



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4670 works on 10.8.2, but it showing both display connected!!!???? any fix for that? I wont to get rid of that secondary display..

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