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ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

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Well 2 things...

1 the driver apple have released to the only mobility series they are using is a Snow Leopard / Lion driver. The AMD RadeonHD 3xx0 do not work in Snow or Lion... And the Snow / Lion driver dont work in the only os the card might have a chance to work and that is in Leopard..

2. Apple have never used the 3200, just because they use one mobility card do not make all of them work because the cards are not the same and the driver is also not the same.

So only thing you can is use the RadeonHD.kext that wilæl get you res change but no ce/qi and at this point it is safe to say this: AMD RadeonHD 3200 (Both desktop and mobility version) will never work in osx86

I've been reading through all this business on unsupported video cards in OSX and I'm a little disappointed in what I'm hearing out of certain members of the community.

In particular when it comes to these cards I keep hearing things like "there won't be" and "will never work."

Anyone who knows technology should know far better than to make such definite statements ever. If you had asked me in 2000 when I had six years of programming under my belt if something like the iPhone would ever exist I would have been doubtful, if you had shown me one back when I was learning Basic and Pascal I would have said it was "magic."

Those of you who keep asking the same question over and over do need to stop, if working drivers for these cards are developed, the community will be shouting it from the highest mountains. If they are going to show up, they will show up on their own, you don't need to ride the community over it. Better yet, do some research and find a group working on it, CONTRIBUTE!

I was looking into doing a driver for the NVIDIA 310M for a Sony Vaio, and if that taught me anything it's that if someone or some group of people have the time, patience, and skill to develop the driver, there is sufficient information out there scattered about to allow the driver to be written. Apple has a tutorial on writing drivers on their own website for F-sakes.

I'm not saying it would be easy, but it's not impossible. Will it EVER happen? Maybe not, but it isn't impossible.

Now, the real question to ask is if there is anyone out there that finds writing the driver to be a worthwhile proposition?

I'm slowly working on something, I've got an idea that may work but it's off in the distance....

Let me throw this line out there though to see if anyone else is working on it or has thoughts or information on it:

So, here is my thought. Chasing each of these card and writing drivers for them would be a monumental task. Even doing one might prove to be so time consuming as to be prohibitive.

So, while I did say before that I think it's possible, I don't think it's the most efficient use of our time.

Now, on the other hand we do have some advantages to play with here. Apple isn't like windows, to those with the time a patience the inner workings of OSX are fairly well transparent. Also, while it's not the same as Linux (and STFU with your "it's based of BSD" {censored} and just listen for a minute!) they are both based off of Unix and do share a number of similarities. What we also have is a pretty complete set of drivers in Linux for all of these graphics cards.

So, maybe we can use this information to our advantage.

Here is what I'm researching. Instead of building all these drivers, perhaps we can come up with a way to build some software that will replace the rendering sytem in OSX or work with the X11 window server to build Xorg into OSX and have it download and implement the proper drivers from the Ubuntu repository.

I think this would be possible, what I don't know is if it would result in a fast well functioning alternative to simply writing the drivers, but it looks like it would require coming up with a bit of hybrid version of OSX or at least a program which once installed would hijack the window server or operate over the current rendering environment.

If anyone has any information on this, if anyone else has attempted it or is currently working on it or would like to participate, feel free to contact me via a private message.

As for the rest of you, if you have working systems and don't want to help others trying to find new solutions and generate new workarounds, get the F off the forums and stop harassing people who are trying to explore different solutions. I don't care how many PCs you have put OSX on, if you think anything is ever impossible in the world of computing you don't know the first thing about modding or hacking.



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could someone comfirm whether this gives acceleration to Radeon HD 3200?

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