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  1. You wont find a working driver. If you read about the kext you have used he do clearly state it is not a driver it only inject the correct strings but it is still only vesa mode and that is what you will get. No 3D acceleration, no 2D acceleration only if you are lucky resolution change.
  2. Any of you have any clue on how i can downgrade the bios.. The 8530p i got already had the F.20 (RSA Encrypted bios) so i can't get the whitelist removed on it. And i haven't been able to get the recovery bios restore to work to downgrade... I have already changed the gfx to the 770m because i honest don't like ati...
  3. When i get home i can send the old dsdt and the old legacy kext i used. It do also have the marvell esata working in raid mode and where you have disablet the hotswap on the onboard sata ports to get them to show as internal the legacy audio kext was also a injector for changing the icon on the drives. but i will pm you a link here later on if that is ok..
  4. You got chameleon 1 installed and that did not have all the smbios and graphicsenabler stuff as chameleon 2 got. Well you cna find unofficial chameleon 2 installers on this forum else there are also apps that can help you using gui to the settings in chameleon and smbios like http://www.osx86.net/view/2050-chameleon_wizard.html and that can update chameleon for you also.
  5. Have you tryed to restore back to orginal applesmbios.kext, then update your chameleon and just let chameleon handle the smbios part... or if you want full control make a smbios.plist that you let chameleon load... Tho i would try just no smbios.plist and just let chameleon do the rest.
  6. Hi User_01 after i updated to 10.7 i have used your dsdt and kexts, and am using them now in 10.8 also. But i was wondering if you have optical SPIDF out working at you... I have moved around and have connected my hack to my receiver over optical cable but i dont get any sound there. I had it working with my old DSDT in 10.6 but was not able to get it to do what i wanted in 10.7 and 10.8
  7. I am just thinking if it is only the installation you want to boot from usb then why not just install from 32bit and then when you have installed you wont need the usb to boot from and should be able to boot from the hard drive on the intel chipset in 64bit. Just because you install in 32bit it dont mean you are locked to 32bit only later on.
  8. Mushishi

    10.7.3 kills video Nvidia 9800 gt

    the 10.7.3 kexts will not give you a black screen on that card... so the question is insted. What way did you use to "activate" the card when you did your lion install.
  9. Mushishi

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    the RadeonHD 3xx0 series is not supported at all in snow or lion so no chameleon flag would be able to help there...
  10. Mushishi

    Quadro FX 5500

    Well the 5500 should work with normal drivers build-in nvidia drivers and graphics enabler. When i lookup the 5500 on wikipedia i get this info: Model Name: Quadro FX 5500 Chip: G71GL Extra Info: Chip also used in GeForce 7900GTX So insted of looking at it as a 5500 look at it as a 7900GTX...
  11. After using google translate did i understand your question. The raid that is build in the motherboard is not supported by osx. Apple do not use that kind in there systems as it is not a pure hardware raid but a mix of software and hardware raid. You can tho use the software raid in osx, but google after some guides for that. If you want true hardware raid you need a raid controller that support osx hardware raid. As i am at work now i cant name any on the top of my head.
  12. Mushishi

    Quadro Fx 3500 Lion?

    No you are out of luck with a series 7 based card...
  13. Mushishi

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

    Well 2 things... 1 the driver apple have released to the only mobility series they are using is a Snow Leopard / Lion driver. The AMD RadeonHD 3xx0 do not work in Snow or Lion... And the Snow / Lion driver dont work in the only os the card might have a chance to work and that is in Leopard.. 2. Apple have never used the 3200, just because they use one mobility card do not make all of them work because the cards are not the same and the driver is also not the same. So only thing you can is use the RadeonHD.kext that wilæl get you res change but no ce/qi and at this point it is safe to say this: AMD RadeonHD 3200 (Both desktop and mobility version) will never work in osx86
  14. Mushishi

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

    Yes that is a mobility and no it will not help in getting the 3200 working...
  15. Mushishi

    Mobility Radeon HD 5650 QE/CI WORK! (26/2 Update!)

    Well without sounding like a partykiller... I feer just like sucess we had on a toshiba model that it is this acer model only that it works on. Not all laptop makers use the lvds some might use dvi or displayport to connect the screen. and as the problem is with lvds then it could be the case with the acer here that they are connected to the chip on a diffrent way. So untill we test on other laptops other then that Acer model and it still works then i will not call it a full sollution... Also in a way if it work on the 5650 with that framebuffer it should also be working on the rest of the 5xx0 series mobility cards with that framebuffer if that do indeed support lvds... I will do a test after work on my HP G62 but i do not expect it to be working...