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  1. upgraded to 10.6.5, needed to swap out AppleHDA with old modded copy, didn't need any other steps (vostro 3700). also currently running with 8GB of RAM in 64-bit mode without a problem. you don't need graphics drivers, just enable graphicsenabler in chameleon. i suggest you get minihack's audio package, that or voodoohda might be simpler.
  2. heres every kext i have pulled from my working 10.6.4 system (with some graphics stuff removed to make it smaller) http://y.k.vu/piyokos_10.6.4_legacy.kext.pack.zip keep in mind my battery monitor doesnt work either... i think it's because i replaced it with a fakesmc that worked with cpu temp. monitoring, here's the old one: http://y.k.vu/old_fakesmc.kext.zip have a party
  3. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Can't find PNLF device. Vostro 3700... Vanilla DSDT attached. Thanks DSDT_v02_DELL_WN09_00000070_INTL_20051117.aml.zip
  4. whelp im not touching 10.6.5 till i get my 2.5" usb adapter in the mail so i can fix my vostro hackintosh from another computer when the 10.6.5 update breaks it. from what im reading (thanks ardeus) applehda needs to be re-modded which is trivial, ill get to that at some point (or minihack will) and appleps2nub needs to be downgraded. can someone post their untouched, 10.6.5 applehda.kext? as far as i know acpips2nub and voodoops2controller are irreplaceable because you cant add ps2 support with DSDT mods alone, and the vostro 3xxx uses ancient PS2 ports for the keyboard and trackpad.
  5. does this work on 10.6.4? can anyone confirm? same here, been using nothing but OSX on my vostro since i bought it in june and it runs every day like a champ and i really dont want to ruin the track record. im also confident enough in 64-bit mode that i ordered an 2x4GB sticks (140 bucks) to throw in my 3700, ill confirm/deny that it works fine and all when i can...
  6. Probably due to something with screen detection and Chameleon, just keep using the -f flag or tell Chameleon to use it on every boot.
  7. yeah i've been busy lately so i haven't posted much but i always idle in #vostro if you have quick/stupid dsdt questions, nick is herschel. just msg or say my name in the channel to send an alert. its easier to get a line to a lot of osx86 gurus in irc too. awesome youve made that much progress since we last spoke!
  8. gezan i'm gonna be in irc for a bit if you need more help
  9. ah i get it, he can still boot his machine with your boot cd? sorry didn't understand the whole deal here.
  10. yea but gezan can't use that app if he can't even boot his system. i can build an experimental com.apple.boot.plist for y'all with what i think are the correct video injection settings for chameleon but only give it a shot if you can confirm that youll be able to load it on the drive. if anyone needs direct help, i'm idling in #vostro or #hackint0sh on irc.osx86.hu
  11. All Core i3s and some lower end Core i5/7 CPUs come with Intel HD enabled on the cpu but that doesn't mean it'll be visible or usable. My Arrandale i5-430m does (as per intel specs) have an intel HD integrated GPU but it's not visible from OSX or anything else, the chipset may not support is as a hardware or firmware limitation but I can say that hybrid graphics isn't listed as a feature this laptop came with and it does not show up in the ACPI tables (BIOS rev A0). That's not a bug, it's just that it's a component of the CPU and it's there whether or not Dell wired it up (and yes they can chose to not wire it up) and it's not cost effective to remove it just because it's going unused. You should be able to kill intel HD by deleting AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext and AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext (be sure to PFIX after doing this of course) as long as there aren't any graphicsenabler problems that come with the existing intel HD chip, and if there are that should be solvable with EFI injection as opposed to graphicsenabler. A DSDT fix is probably overkill. You shouldn't use it cause these laptops get {censored} battery life no matter what and intel HD will just slow it down without doing anything useful, I would count your lucky stars the dell 330m works so good in OSX as it is, don't mess it up!
  12. the 3xxx fan logic is controlled independently of the operating system as far as i can tell as opposed to the old i8k {censored} which used to be an issue. the 3xxx runs very cool and you wont hear the fan spin up without some intensive CPU and GPU work over at least a few minutes. i'm running the stock firmware (A0?) on my 3700.
  13. ive witnessed such a plethora of failing HP, sony, acer, lenovo laptops the last few years, while dell has been consistently mediocre and their {censored} budget laptops are unkillable, you pay a minor premium and get an "acceptable" trackpad, keyboard, and a design that wont melt itself, as opposed to the pure trash everyone else churns out. its worth noting that macbooks have a terrible reliability record, especially the 8600GT line. the 3700 has a ricoh R5C822 which doesnt work with voodoosdhc, ya'll can give it a try anyway or even try injecting the device into the driver to force it to load. also, i was experimenting with a dsdt patching script, which pulls the dsdt off the vostro and applies patches based on context (so its applicable to any minor revisions), my goal is to turn it into a package, get the rest of the packages together and turn it into a custom snow DVD with the 10.6.4 combo update onboard as well as all the neccecary packages, with independent options for the 33/34/35/37xx series.
  14. its preety clear to me that _PTS is broken and some parts of the HM57 chipset are not implemented correctly if at all, i adapted a fix for another board, which itself was based on the specs for a different intel chipset, within SBRG and _PTS, which adds an operation region that flips a bit related to action after power failure, and shutdown works thereafter as opposed to doing the same stalling {censored} like S3, however i could not adapt the exact fix over to the suspend code. i did rule out power management issues with the USB, and i tried all of your earlier dsdt fixes independently and together, no dice. to be honest i don't think it's due to a rogue device. just to make sure i tried fixing the USB entries for full appleusbehci compatibility, and i tried nuking usb from the dsdt entirely, plus i tried disabling a million other services. but - i suspect none of that matters, since i'm preety sure the system is well past that stage (PTS method). i'm running the first revision bios...so if any of your fixes are related to the bios, please let me know, otherwise its a massive pain to update and i'd rather avoid it. the HM57 datasheet also contains some useful info relating to speedstep that you might want to check out. this stuff is very much over my head though, i have no idea how close i am and exactly at what point i'll give up trying to fix this. i'll post the experimental DSDT with the shutdown fix once i distill it down to specific changes, which i would recommend since my DSDT differs from yours at the factory apparently.