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short notice: i just unplugged the stupid satacard and used

'pure' AHCI-- and plugged my sata-dvd as IDE (i can do this

with my board). with Zeph's 10.5.1 (!!!!!-- see osx.kbot.de)

it was able to _boot_ (though only if i didnt specify -legacy or

cpus=1?!) and _install_ on the AHCI SATA-hdd. it took quite

long but worked flawless. reboot, and it detect harddisk and

normally boots up <30s. stupid thing (and maybe thats what

kept me figuring it out back then): grub doesnt work anymore.

so, it _is_ possible to use sb700 as long as it goes with AHCI

and using the incredible zeph's 10.5.1!....

now i've got to do some installing..

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ive got working .kexts for sb700 allready injected in extensions.mkext my 780g board works perfect install is like 25 minutes on kalyways 10.5.2 and so far no problems at all ill be writing a guide tonight when i get off work and ill up all the files needed :thumbsup_anim:

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SB700 claims to be ahci compliant, if that's indeed true it might work with vanilla appleahciport without needing any additional kext.

If its running in raid mode independent drives might be detected too but it would need some plist modification. But BIOS created raid arrays surely will be invisible to OS X.

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