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  1. there are two kext files. one of them is aty_init.kext another one is ATI2600controller.kext. ATI2600controller.kext has been added device id 9589x1002 and it started working now it is really great happiness! download the kext files and use next wizard to install these kexts and don't forget to clear the cache and repair permissions. Mainboard is gigabyte EP45-DS3R netkas_nexus_lion_10.7.2_Ati_radeon_hd_2600_pro_512_mb_driver_osx86mac.zip
  2. GA-EP45-DS3R and ALC889A 5.1 problem!

    I cant buy. thank you for advice. I just want to get working fully integrated sound. it is important for me. thanks again.
  3. I tried All kext that I found on forum. but none of them worked for me. I can only get 2 ch output from green jack. others black and orange dont work for 5.1 surround. my board is GA-EP45-DS3R and Audio chipset ALC889A. I tried Taruga 1.20 and dump of ALC889a texts but it didnt work. finally , I got dump from Ubuntu myself but it also didnt helped. I teste and installed the driver for 5.1 and it worked on ubuntu but none of the dumps worked for me! nwo , What can I do for this. I wanted to try taruga patcher v2.0 but I couldnt find the download link and taruga web site does not work. note : ALCinject didnt injext or worked for me , only I can get working with HDAenabler.kext and AppleHDA.kext. Thanks in advance IntelHDA_5and1.txt ALC885card0_5and1.txt
  4. SB700?

  5. Slice , Thanks for reply. Can you help me to develop drivers for my hackintosh:) I want to develop drivers. can you say how can I start to do?
  6. SB700?

    look at this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=126273
  7. (GUIDE) 780G Chipset (SB700) support .kexts

    for my bios , SATA 04 and SATA 05 ports are native IDE support, and I put my SATA HDD to SATA04. In this case yu can understand my AHCI is enabled but SATA has IDE support. I found performance with nicholas kext but the system doesnt seem relaible because of this I reformatted the disk. But there is a problem with Diskutility , if you didnt use unmodified DVD or sometimes it does not matter. Diskutiliy can only see 128 gB of HDD. rest of is useless because you can reach. in this case I can say that format your HDD with another MAC;) or try to format with 3rd party softwares. Geparted does not work it cannot format HPS+. I formatted with another mac. I tried all Distrios except Nicholas's Kalyway;) ideneb v1.3 , you can setup but I couldnt boot after setup and I didnt try , I just pass another distiro but I can say that sometimes you need to disable USB support and Paralel and Serial ports. Leo4ALL4.1 works if you use nicholas mkext or default LEo4all 4.1 you can get setup screen and install. and work. I can say you if you want to see setup screen and after installation Disable these in bios. Firewire USB support(legacy , keyboard , mouse , EHCI etc. all USB support) you can try onboard LANas disable but some distros tries to find it and you cant pass to setup screen. and use ctrl+f1 option on bios screen and try chipset configuration enable everything or disable, it is experimental. If you have mainboard same with me, GA-MA78GM-S2H, I can say that you can install but you may have slower system with zeyp, kalyway better, leo4all better ,if you use SATA HDD on IDE support. but with nocholas kext seems better. for all distros IDE HDD is slow. The main problem is HD 3200 onboard driver. and I am thinking that USB also has problem with SB700. we may need USB driver for SB700.
  8. I installed Leo4All4.1 You should know that if you want to use that board you cant use SATA support on MAC OSX86. because there is no driver for this. I found some drivers related to SB600 and SB700. I modified Leo4Allv4.1 DVD by adding SB700 kexts to DVD Extensions Folder. and then I installed. But I noticed that this SB700 Update does not work. because When I put my SATA HDD driver to SATA PORT 04 or 05, that means these are SATA ports supports IDE platform even your driver SATA. if you put your HDD driver to SATA1 port you will get error: Still waiting for root device... finally, after putting SATA04 port, I can install the my modified Leo4Allv4.1. But I think that you can install the any AMD distro DVD with putting driver to SATAPort04 / 05 after installation , I am thinking that it seems slow, and I didnt expressed for performance. because it seems there is a problem with communication with HDD and problem with bandwidth. that is my experience. I want to give details about bios config. disable firewire, enable HPET , Enable Virtualization. on the other hand , I am thinking that it is not big problem BIOS only need AHCI if you have SATA drive and put your drive port 04/05 to get IDE working SATA. then you can install. My PC is Gigabyte MA-GA78GM-S2H Mainboard AMD 5000+ CPU 1GB RAM SATA Samsung 320GB HDD. USB Mouse and Keyboard. IDE DVDRW NEC. I want help from Driver Programmers or anyone can say anything to get SB700 Working and HD 3200 onBoard Display Card working. If we can do this, I think we will get real performance. because I want to say , I put the device sata1 port and the booting is faster than sataport04(IDE). How can we make driver to get working SB700 and HD 3200? I dont want downgrade for HD 3200. I want real performance. Thanks for everyone who interest this topic and our problem;)
  9. (GUIDE) 780G Chipset (SB700) support .kexts

    Thanks a lot nicholas for sb700, i have created new DVD and i am trying now. can you say any thing about proper BIOS settings for example HPET is on or off? for other user I am writing rapidshare miror. http://rapidshare.com/files/152178555/SB700_kexts.zip.html I created new dvd from leo4all 4.1 and if it pass , I will say. addition note : transmac let you change iso and trial version can do that... I am not happy your kexts dont solve my problem , it still says : still waiting for root device.
  10. (GUIDE) 780G Chipset (SB700) support .kexts

    where is the kext link? or download link?
  11. I have iDeneb v1.1 and updated 10.5.5 Leopard OSX. I have a problem, I bought a apple USB keyboard and I plug it but there is problem. keyboard working good but my a4-tech WOP-35 PS2 mouse does not work, I think that this problem occurs because of unplugged PS2 keyboard. is there ay solution to solve this problem. to work with APPLE keyboard and a4-tech WOP-35 PS2 mouse. thanks in advance.
  12. mouse Problem

    I installed ps2 patch. after restart I cant use the mouse both usb and ps2. I tried each one. it gives ACPInub error. I couldnt remember the full description. I applied patch because I can only use usb mouse but I dont like it. now , how can I fix the problem? I dont know which startup option can help me. I installed intel version iatkos v4i. thanks for replies.