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  1. [SOLVED] Brother MFC-465CN - Driver

    just what i was searching for, thanks for the link!
  2. Thanks a lot for the kextstat! Looks like i have old versions of USB-drivers and SMBIOS. Both might be critical is suppose, will try to update and fix...
  3. thanks for the hint, but it still sometimes sleeps/wakes up, other times it doesnt... can anyone with a m1330+10.5.6+working sleep post his kextstat so i can compare versions?
  4. good question-- actually nothing. if it sleeps correctly i can see stuff like this: Jan 11 12:26:29 naaila kernel[0]: System Sleep Jan 11 12:26:41 naaila airportd[51]: FastFinder scanning channels again Jan 11 12:26:44 naaila kernel[0]: Wake reason = PBTN LID Jan 11 12:26:42 naaila airportd[51]: Could not find "mSol" Jan 11 12:26:44 naaila kernel[0]: System Wake Jan 11 12:26:43 naaila configd[14]: setting hostname to "naaila.local" if it does not wake up, i see only Jan 11 12:24:48 naaila loginwindow[60]: Login Window Started Security Agent Jan 11 12:24:51 localhost configd[14]: setting hostname to "localhost" Jan 11 12:24:54 localhost kextd[10]: writing kernel link data to /var/run/mach.sym Jan 11 12:25:46 localhost kernel[0]: npvhash=4095 (here i tried to sleep at 12:24:54 i guess and 12:25:46 is the next boot) looks like it doesnt sleep well. can you tell me which kexts are involved? i did a 10.5.3 --> 10.5.6 "vanilla" update, maybe i'm missing some kext replacements?
  5. can anyone with a M1330 help me out? i have updated to 10.5.6-- by raw update+ fixing some kexts. unluckily it now only occasionally wakes up from sleep. which is a bit annoying since is still have to sleep the m1330 to fix the black display (is there a fix already for this? did i miss it?) so it might well be that i have to reboot couple of times till sleep works. then using clamshell i can sleep it again couple of times but as said occasionally it 'crashes' when it wakes up, i.e. the screen stays blank and trying to use the keyboard to do anything doesnt work either. another minor issue is that i don't get back the cpu speedstep right. what i want is a quite laptop-- so i want the cpu always to downstep. before i used cpu2throttler together with some kext-- whatever i did now it doesnt work. i use vanilla kernel 9.6.0, and installed superhai's ACPIBattery, ClamshellDisplay, VoodooPower and EHCISleepEnabler hardware: m1330+intel x3100.
  6. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    strange, restart and shutdown and sleep does work very well on my 10.5.3 xps m1330. with the intel speedstep.kext it is now even very quite..
  7. just in case someone overlooks this sticky post: there is a speedstep.kext for those who are using sleep-kernel-- looks as it works fine! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=119370
  8. Experimental Intel SpeedStep kext

    hell of a kext! working great (at least up to now, i.e. 3 minutes ) THANKS A LOT!! (i'm on a dell xps 1330 with some intel core 2 duo, t5750 or something)
  9. maybe not the right place, lawlessppc, the dvd did not boot with my sata-dvd on sb700 i'm not quite sure if sata was set to ide-emulation... (zeph 10.5.1 did boot though ;D) thanks for the excellent effort nonetheless!
  10. Installation freezes (AMD)

    did you tried boothing with -legacy and cpus=1 flags?
  11. try zephs 10.5.1 instead-- it worked miracles on my sb700. (and no other dvd even bothered to boot, regardless what i hacked into devicelist)
  12. SB700?

    short notice: i just unplugged the stupid satacard and used 'pure' AHCI-- and plugged my sata-dvd as IDE (i can do this with my board). with Zeph's 10.5.1 (!!!!!-- see osx.kbot.de) it was able to _boot_ (though only if i didnt specify -legacy or cpus=1?!) and _install_ on the AHCI SATA-hdd. it took quite long but worked flawless. reboot, and it detect harddisk and normally boots up <30s. stupid thing (and maybe thats what kept me figuring it out back then): grub doesnt work anymore. so, it _is_ possible to use sb700 as long as it goes with AHCI and using the incredible zeph's 10.5.1!.... now i've got to do some installing..
  13. SB700?

    no news from my side, i have plugged in a sata card and am using this. it worked very well-- (though actually there is another problem and it doesnt boot at all, have not time to investigate)
  14. just as a sidenote, i had problems with AppleAHCIPort upon reboot, tried first to reuse my old 10.5.1 kext, but that didnt worked out, so i simply replaced all my Extensions folder with the 10.5.1 one. Turned out that this makes my X3100 defunctional, so replaced these ones with the 10.5.3-- works at least for now. still, i have some missing kernel functions in com.apple.iokit (or so)-- hence usb does not work. so updating 10.5.1-->3 seems a bit more complicated.
  15. wow, looks cool, just make an entry to the local modern arts museum (and sorry, no, i cannot help you at all )