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OSX86 quandry

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First off, as my first posting, this forum is outstanding in regards to the subject matter and so on. Previous experiences anything close to this was installing OS8/9 on a ppc/68k Amiga and also Redhat. Likewize I find the whole going against the grain OS vS hardware very engrossing.


Anywho, of course I wanna do this OSX10.5.2 thing, love Macs, work about them and install them for other people, with some thoughts as to what the heck hardware-wize am I going to use ?


To buy ? Use existing ? Or what ?


I notice through the history of this Hackintosh, the patching is becoming less and less for the installer (whether the patching is included or what-not). I took a DVD with iATKOS (intel) and threw it into a stock HP - it failed, cos of the harddrive setup, and it can`t be changed cos of the manuf bios (not allowed to change the bios on these). So I threw it into a stock Dell Optiplex (with stand IDE drive) and it installed after I put a cheap nVidia card in it, cos the onboard just did grainy stuff.- however it wouldn`t boot. Install checks out as ok, just no boot. Don`t care tho, I was just happy it went in, booting is something to tinker with after.


So. As to getting my own pc to install 10.5.2, I`ve got a good bunch of pcs at home. A gaming one with IX38/X9650/etc, a interneting one IP35/Q6600/etc, a downloader K8/3800x2 and a drive host K8/3800x2. My thinking is can I just take one of the amd machines to atleast put this OS in to see how it operates realtime. I can muster together, as a spare:


AMD 3800x2

ABit AV8 3rd eye

2g (well I can put as much as I like in it)



.. ideally. But I don`t see too much talk about AMD builds, although reading between lines, there are guyz using them.


My only thought now is, will I need to do a bunch of patching ? Do I need to update the bios (apart from changing some settings) ? Or will it be a case of putting in something like the newer Kalyway 10.5.2 or iATKOS (amd) and they have suitable patching all built into them ?


I don`t want to take my best gear to install the OS on, as, well, not at this point. When I`ve had some good solid time on it and I`m suitably happy (as I think I will be judging by users on here) I may replace the interneting pc (IP35/Q6600) from m$ to 10.5.2.. as u can appreciate, I want to dip my toes in first.


Don`t really want to buy gear, as I got so much hanging around the place.


Offers, help, experience, advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated from all.



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the p35 would be the easyist.... i'd suggest searching for leo4all and kalyway (on the bay of course)


Leo4all works with amd and intel... well kalyway is just the best one for intel based :censored2:



(btw don't ask for links cause that would get me banned, or raped by a moderator)

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I`ll find it ok :)


Get the Leo4all in regards to an AMD setup, but other than that you can`t see any major reasons why that abit mobo would be a pita ?


Don`t see it on any hcls. As for sound or networking tho, I can drop in some cards if I need to.

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