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  1. Forgive me for posing this quandry here, but in my experience people who know how to install Mac OS on a toaster generally know more about macs and their drivers and quirks. I have a MacbookPro 13" 2013, as in the title. Install Mac OS on it (any version) and the keyboard/pad are not detected or work, it asks for bluetooth detectable keyboard/mouse. Power button is fine. No response from caps-lock - but once installed (using a usb keyboard and mouse) the keys appear to wake the laptop but not work. They don't work on early boot either. Alt select, pram etc. I've done the smc and pram - no difference. The only slight time I had it working is when I took it apart to check the cables - put it back together and it worked briefly. Now here's the kicker. I've just installed Kubuntu on it, and everything works fine...... so what's the deal?
  2. RTMG

    GA-EP45-UD3P host of problems after install

    FYI, I'm using cpu=2 and it seems to be working fine. All 4 cores are working independently.
  3. RTMG

    Desktop animation problem

    Q9400 seems to be fine. Detected as "Quad-Core Intel Xeon". I'm going to recheck next with the QX9650 dropped in, cos I seem to remember it just saying "Xeon", which could mean it's assuming 2 cores or something and would explain some people posting about having to set cpu=1 or 2 to get it working properly. If it shows the same description, then I'm stuck. EDIT: nah I was mistaken, it says "Quad-Core Intel Xenon" ... however, using cpu=2 gets it booting ok and working fine. I thought cpu=2 would make it use less cores - never mind. Seems we're good to go EDIT2: wrong flag, should be cpus=2 - BUT - entering the wrong flag worked once. Entering 2 does of course use 2 cores. With 4 I briefly saw a "TSC blah blah 3" and 2 error and boots with problems thereafter.
  4. RTMG

    GA-EP45-UD3P host of problems after install

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=279643 I'm wondering if you're having the same issue as we two are having here. So far I've eliminated it being the graphic card, as I change from a QX9650 to an E8500 and install goes fine. No ghosts, no partially opened windows.
  5. RTMG

    Desktop animation problem

    I put the x9650 in an EP45-DS5, as I've used this mobo before, and the same thing happened. So I then thought along the lines of Apple's expiry dates on installs/combos - but that's not even remotely the case. I dragged another G41MT-D3V out and put another E8500 in it - and it works first time - no problems with install or updates. The only common thing here is the QX9650. As you'll know yourself, Snow Leopard or Leopard runs absolutely fine. I'm now thinking along the lines of the Lion install not liking the QX9650, it does call it a Xeon, but is it just in the name or is it making expectations on it. Weird thing to me is that others have boasted using it but haven't mentioned doing anything special during install/post install. I'm about to try a Q9400, which I'm pretty sure will work 100%, and then swap in the QX9650 to see what happens.
  6. RTMG

    Desktop animation problem

    Trying same rig with 9800 to see if it's definitely the 285. EDIT: Same thing happens with the 9800. Have to check something else.
  7. I've built a number of hackintoshes over the years, I'm currently typing from the 10.7.2 I been using for several months. (GA-G41m, E8400 @3.25, 4G, FX 580, SSD, blah blah. Geekbench/Nova/all scoring like predicted, everyone's happy.) Familiar with the 775 Gigabyte family of mobos and how to get them working etc etc. Since upgrading my Windows gaming computer, I was left with a bunch of kit that I figured would be a great hack: GA-G41MT-D3V QX9650 & 3.5 (mobo doesn't like voltages much) 8G DDR3 @ 1333 Pal1t GTX 285 1024m (from my media computer) ... ... and a bunch of drives just to test out installs. For the past week I been trying many methods of installing Lion up to 10.7.4, I have on USB pen to install - and this all goes swimmingly. I get everything setup fine. Stick the 285's id in 50hal, Cuda and all that, Geekbench around 8500, Novabench around 1000, XBench around 180, GLView tests pass and look good, and we're all cool except for one thing. (This I've tried as 5,1 3,1 and iMacs) Sound is ok, eth is ok etc etc. Randomly, it seems, when an app is opened (could be anything), on the desktop it won't open properly and you can see the ghost image of the animation to open it. Reseting Finder can clear this up sometimes. Forcing the app closed (as you can't see the close button properly) and trying again can work sometimes. Using Safari is hit and miss. Initial opening can go like the above, but response from the slider and clicking links is either delayed or un responsive. If I open PlistEdit, I can guarantee using Open from the menu will result in a window that is a halfway animation of it fully open. Now - the biggest thing that points this to animation of the desktop, is, when something is messed up, I can open Mission Control and the desktop looks as it should. Go back to the desktop and it's still messed up. Mentioning PlistEdit, the MC picture of the desktop will show a fully opened file selector waiting for me to pick a file. Go back to desktop and it's in a part animation. Bizarre thing is that if I put my mouse over the part animation of an open window, I can partially interact with it. i.e. click on the minimal cancel button and it will cancel - but leave the window picture there. (goto MC Desktop picture and it's gone as it should be) Additionally, animations of the opening of app's icons can leave a ghost image - removable by restarting finder. Still - not there on the MC pic of desktop. Is this something simple that I'm over looking ? I figure it has to be 285 related.
  8. http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=12600 Here`s a mod history from a guy from another forum I frequent. It`s a great looking build.
  9. Going to check this out on my next re-install, as I`m in a "if it aint broke don`t fix it" situation atm. Probably be in 2 weeks or so due to a hardware change around also. Can any1 verify success with using the Apple Aluminum keyboard, firmware updated (whatever that did) - cos mine will work from boot in the same usb port it was in at the time of install, change the port and I get nothing. Tho I seem to remember plugging it in the "correct" port whilst on the login screen seems to work too. Other issue I have is it moans about power if I use a usb flash drive over 1g. I`ve tried with the keyboard plugged straight to the mobo and on a powered usb hub without success with a 8g and 2g drive. Flash drives straight to the pc seem to work/eject/reconnect fine. Can`t verify any speeds.
  10. Whilst searching, I did see some download links for it in utility based sites.
  11. Thanks for the tip m8, I`ll track that down and check it out. That MacVideoConverter does iPhone/AppleTV/PS3/3gp/PSP etc etc, quite a long list.
  12. Only problem I can see trying to use QT is that the media would need to be handlable by the player in order to manipulate it. The kind of scenario I`m looking at is: 100s of random clip submissions. (don`t want to nail down to one codec type submission) Check they're not faulty. Convert them to something akin to h264, which MacMovieConverter seems to be ok to handle. (adapting the frame/rate/sound if possible to a standard) Join multiple submissions together where necessary. Be able to repeat the process on the fly.
  13. (excuse my ignorance of using some windows variant names) Looking for some Mac apps (free or not), that will do the following: (or an all-in-one) Repair a video file (multiple formats) [like windows VideoFixer] Join video (very multiple formats) Convert (very multiple formats) [currently looking at MacMovieConverter) Capture [used to using VitualDubMod for trimming commercials and padding, capturing through firewire AVC box] Free would be great. If they cost - well so be it.
  14. RTMG

    Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 preview

    hehe u guys are entertaining. Less bloat = good imo.
  15. AH! Kinda light blue screen ? If it is, ur gfxcard has 2 dvi outputs ? - plug into the other one when it goes blue and u may get a nice suprize Kepp it in that one if it does.