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  1. thespottedelf

    G4 Tower

    alright this is just going in the trash if there isn't any interest, pm/email me an offer
  2. thespottedelf

    am I missing something?

    Just did that, now i'm running prime95 and its staying at 58°C... Thanks! btw is it normal that when my cpu isn't underload the multiplier goes back down to 6?
  3. thespottedelf

    am I missing something?

    I'm worried cause it says that my cpu is running at 1596 mhz while its suppose to be a 2.53 Ghz cpu... am I missing something or is there a problem? I'm running windows 7 64-bit I also booted into xp and then checked the bios they are all saying my cpu is running at 1596 mhz... This is very frustrating and I'm 100% sure I didn't mess with any of the clock speeds in the bios, could it be my cpu over heated and it turned down the cpu speed? Also in the bios it said it was running at 27°C
  4. thespottedelf

    Old Macs

    I have a few old macs i'm looking to get rid of... I have an eMac, iMac G3 tray loading, and 2 x iMac G3 slot loading. They all work fine, i just don't have a use for them. I'm not look for much out of them so make me an offer on any one. I live in Eastern PA, 18920 zip code, if anyone is looking for local pick up.
  5. thespottedelf

    G4 Tower

    well i did a ruff estimate from ups... first estimate was $631 usd... don't think thats gonna fly I live about the middle between NYC and Philadelphia, on the PA side of the Delaware... btw pm would be best
  6. thespottedelf

    WTB: Fried G5 logic board for cheap, either powermac or imac

    I have one out of a G4 Tower, if there is still interest... 3 firewire 2 usb 1 ethernet...
  7. thespottedelf

    G4 Tower

    http://cid-c5c136f18caa8a3a.skydrive.live....mp;sa=488842801 the forum autoshorten the urls, idk if thats why they stopped working or what.... I'd be willing to ship it there if you are willing to pay the extreme shipping prices.
  8. thespottedelf

    G4 Tower

    My potential buyer dropped out. I'm still looking to sell this.
  9. Well I find both sides of this argument very fascinating, I cannot help, but side against global warming. http://www.lfpress.com/news/world/2010/01/...402046-sun.html It is getting ridiculous... I'm sitting here freezing my ass off, thinking that a little global warming could do us some good, but whether or not global warming is a good thing is a completely different story. I would also like to point out that the majority of US oil does not come from the Arabs, or fund terrorist groups. The majority of oil imports actually comes from Mexico and Canada. http://www.eia.doe.gov/pub/oil_gas/petrole...ent/import.html If you'd like to hear some facts with colorful commentary, you should listen to the No Agenda show. Well sometimes Adam can only be described as a crackpot, it provides a good laugh while presenting some interesting ideas on our world today. http://www.noagendashow.com/ Anyways, stay warm out there!
  10. thespottedelf

    G4 Tower

    http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pCnX...Tower%20001.jpg http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p9Fm...Tower%20002.jpg http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pE8c...Tower%20003.jpg http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p3pQ...Tower%20004.jpg http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pBR0...Tower%20005.jpg http://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pPnp...Tower%20006.jpg I have stripped the case, estimate for shipping from ups is 27 dollars so i'm asking for 45 Dollars shipped to lower 48 states...
  11. thespottedelf

    iMac G3

    I have what i believe is the first generation of iMac's... its a tray loading bondi blue, it was upgraded to Mac os 8.5 by the previous owner. I'm looking for offers for it, and I'm willing to include the massive box of software and books that was included with it.
  12. thespottedelf

    intel iMac - Parts [SOLD]

    http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&u...%2FIMG_2368.jpg http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&u...%2FIMG_2369.jpg http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&u...%2FIMG_2371.jpg
  13. thespottedelf

    intel iMac - Parts [SOLD]

    I will soon, at the latest tomorrow night...
  14. thespottedelf

    intel iMac - Parts [SOLD]

    I have an 06 iMac (first ones with intel) that got hit by lightning... I'll take just about any offer, and I don't know how much shipping is yet. only thing missing is the Harddrive, with recently died...