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Please can someone advise...


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Hey guys,


It's been a long time since I last checked out the OSX86 scene, and just need a bit of help to catch up with the advancements made.


Can anyone please, please, please tell me what is the best version scene release of a x64 bit OSX (Leopard) for a Hackinstosh to run on this spec:


2.33GHz (E6550 Core2Duo)

2GB RAM 667Mhz


Intel GMA 950 (224MB)

8-Channel Audio (ADI AD1988B)

Netgear WG311T

Belkin Bluetooth Dongle (100m ver.)


I.E; is it Aitkos, Kaliway, etc???... (please can you include which revision etc..)


Lastly, (I promise :rolleyes: ) will the Intel GMA 950 g.card be enough to fully run Leopard, without any problems (i.e. it's not too underpowered is it?).


I really, really appreciate any & all advise offered by you guys! After all, you are the the experts of the greatest hackintosh forum :rolleyes:


Keep up the great work!

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The latest Kalyway release would be your best bet, comes with different kernel choices, the GMA 950 has known issues, a newer video card can be had that would out perform the GMA could be had for $60, I am using the Geforce 8500GT 512 with no issues.


Your list looks good, what motherboard / chipset are you using ?

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