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  1. FS - Empty G5 case

    I have a "last model" G5 case that has been emptied. Still has the clear cover for the cooling, and the drive trays in the top for the optical and HDs. Nothing damaged, all in good shape. Front panel and USB / FW / Power still intact. Asking $75 USD (and shipping) Shoot me an email if you're interested and I can send some pictures if they're not up here already.
  2. Calibration

    Adobe 1998 is a bigger space than most LCDs will display. If you are going to "calibrate" your screen, it will most likely fall closer to sRGB, but it does depend alot on how you are going about it. Are you suing the software calibration in the OS, or some kind of hardware reader that reads the output of the screen and creates a display profile?
  3. Anyone had any luck with the Lenovo Z61T? I am having a bit of a struggle with it. It installs vanilla and gives me video, but no keyboard trackpad, or I install it with Natit, and I get no video, it hangs after the grey apple screen, on the blue screen. I'd have thought that with the internal 945 video that things would have been relatively stratightforward, but it's been a bit of a struggle. Any help, or someone that has gotten it working would be great. Thank in advance guys.
  4. There are quite a few variables, but to boil it down and make it as simple as possible I'll say the following. If the Hack won't boot, then there's no way for the mini to see it as another machine via a network cable, so you'll likely have to get the HD connected to the mini via some kind of adapter or enclosure. If you look around enough you can likely find an external enclosure for under $20 that will do the job.
  5. Contract law is iffy at best, if you're questioning that a contract is binding, I'd generally say no. For every contract, there is a way out of it. Take a look at sports contracts, they mean nothing.
  6. So, since apple users (and us) seem to like to kick around rumors and conspiracy theories. What might the implications be for dropping the mac mini, and the *wink* agreement with Psystar that's pending. Might we be getting ready to see a midline headless mac? or maybe a release of the OS for the midline grey box? Either way would likely be ok, thoughts?
  7. That's quite the thread, think it will take a couple readings to come up with what works. Was it relatively straightforward?
  8. So I'm guessing that it's a "hold off and see" recommendation. Any ideas or anyone notice if there's a 10.5.5 Kaliway update coming?
  9. i Have a mbp for location work, and just couldnt justify the cash out for the desktop that I use rarely. Needed the extra 2k for camera equipment. Always works, does what I need it to and more.
  10. Wow, watching this one go back and forth is pretty entertaining. Let's look at it in another context. Apple wants to have the software tied to the hardware, that is what's best for them. Understandable, as they want to drive sales of their own machines. Who can fault them for that. Psystar installs it and sells it as a bundle, again, who could fault them for wanting to make available something that they have identified as a consumer desire. So, there we are at the point that the 2 companies are in court about. Ford spent many hours on R&D for their engines, and to put them into their cars to make them as good as they can be. They also sell replacement motors, crate motors, and the like. So, someone decides that they want to build a kit car, and put a ford motor in it. They do, and then notice that there's a market for it. Should they not be able to do that? Plenty of kti cars out there, plenty of hotrods being built and sold. None of which are really hurting the sales of ford cars. They service a niche market. So, apple can solve it a couple of ways. Dont sell an OS withough validation of ownership for hardware (This may be illegal?) Sell the software at a higher price, and offer a rebate for mac owners (a novel idea) Wait and see how the case shakes out (likely what will happen) Basically, I want Apple to succeed, but I dont want to be tied to their hardware. I know that's a little two sided, but thats how I feel. The shakeout of these suits will definately change the way that apple does business if they end in psystars favor. We all need to remember that words are just words unless they can define intent, and the wording of so many legal documents these days define nothing, so that the intent can be defined later, to the advantage of the party filing the lawsuit. EULAs are a prime example of this.. How many have you read? They are all vague, and wandering.
  11. Apple keyboard

    The aluminum keybd is good but not great. (looks really cool though) and I'd say to go with a MX revolution or other some such beast. They are MUCH better for extended use and gaming. Though I have been fighting with RF interference from the router with my mouse. YMMV.
  12. With the time machine restore, you will still need to install the EFI Patch. Generally thats what gets lost in the translation, as Time machine doesnt copy the EFI bootloader
  13. The sleep / wake is kind of an ongoing thing with this board. I havent been able to get mine to wake up ever, but of all that could be "quirky" that's the least of my worries (imho) K2
  14. Henrick C- When the machine boots and the EFI screen says "press any key for boot options" then counts down from 4 seconds, press a key, and then enter it at the prompt.
  15. ECS 945GCT/m-1333 Installation Guide

    I was more concerned with stability than OCing it, but I can definitely understand the appeal. Since tis MB will accept the 45nm chips (I believe), I just figured that I could pick up the performance with a CPU upgrade. Still the 4gb limit is a little frustrating (though I haven't found it all that crippling as of yet). Also, the Kalyway 10.5.3 update works as advertised, just be sure to follow the readme file included in the archive.