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Asus Barebones System with Kalyway!

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I have managed to get this barebones working with Kalyway 10.5.1 and all kernel patches and updates working. It is now running 10.5.2. Sleep, reboot and shutdown all work 100%.


Get it from here http://www.rocksolidpc.co.uk/product.asp?code=SY2044 for £71.00


Barebones means it only needs, Hard Disk, Optical Drive, CPU and Memory to make it work


Asus has the case, motherboard, power supply, cables all pre-installed.


You can also buy a pre-built system, check here: http://www.rocksolidpc.co.uk/product.asp?code=SY1200


A bargain I think.

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nice catch :)


is it GMA950 graphics? or GMA3x00?


EDIT: 945 chipset, so im assuming that means GMA950.


also, the prebuilt system comes with Vista, so you're paying a higher psychological price than should be necessary. :( source your own bits i say.

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