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  1. I installed using the boot cd method, using SL as the host OS, all fine on the new install, including 64bit kernel and DU works. 10.6.1 update also fine.
  2. I tried installing Snow again from inside snow using this guide. It installed, but I cannot get Chameleon to install, says failed? Any ideas
  3. Anyone know how to fix the Disk Utility Error in noob talk? Using this guide when i run DU, I get Error: No installer packages can be found for this disk I've searched plenty of threads and some mention running BSD.pkg, I dont know how to run this or even where it is, should I run this on this guide? or another way to fix it?
  4. I've been trying different methods for about a week no joy! Until this thread! running first time in 15 minutes! You ROCK!!!!! Can I donate to you using PayPal for this! Im shocked and amazed by your work, its amazing!!!
  5. Have you got a guide for use snow leo noobs? How did you get it working?
  6. How to make a bootable USB with DSDT.aml

    I've done this, but how do I check to see if its reading the DSDT.aml file? Its in the right location and everything boots ok.
  7. Exactly! C.mon guys, we got the hardware, who's got the info to put this into SL?
  8. Thanks DesertFox, my rig now shuts down and reboots properly due to the new kernel! It was easy, install the package, and reboot! I love easy fixes like that. Thanks to all for info to date!
  9. Thanks guys, im now on 10.5.8 I also decided to upgrade to Chemeleon RC2, just for anyone trying it, remember to remove all EFi strings from your com.apple.boot file.
  10. Anyone know how I should upgrade my setup to 10.5.8, I have a Gigabyte DS4 ruuning LS8V17 script and 10.5.7. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Guys, Im having problem with my Sata DVD Writer falling off the bus if I leave a disk in. I have tried Sony/NEC drives and Pioneer, the SATA is installed to the 3rd Sata port, 2 HDD's are also installed, which port should I install to? And what kext needs installing?
  12. Yes, the onboard gfx break up and give mouse cursor errors, get an nvidia 8400 or 8600 for very little extra
  13. I have managed to get this barebones working with Kalyway 10.5.1 and all kernel patches and updates working. It is now running 10.5.2. Sleep, reboot and shutdown all work 100%. Get it from here http://www.rocksolidpc.co.uk/product.asp?code=SY2044 for £71.00 Barebones means it only needs, Hard Disk, Optical Drive, CPU and Memory to make it work Asus has the case, motherboard, power supply, cables all pre-installed. You can also buy a pre-built system, check here: http://www.rocksolidpc.co.uk/product.asp?code=SY1200 A bargain I think.
  14. Hi guys, I have 2 sata hard disks 1st running vanilla OSX 2nd running OSX Server If i use F12 on my bios and select which disk to boot it works fine, i was wondering if I can add an entry to boot the OSX Server from my vanilla boot laoder? Is it possible?
  15. Thanks to LS8! Im on Vanilla! I managed to download the V7 script, and followed it without a glitch I now have a Leopard 10.5.2 fully working, I was using Kalyway but had the restart issue and sleep issue which is much much better now. Has anyone tried this on Leopard Server, should it work? Thanks guys for all your help!