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  1. look at the master thread. it's very complete. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=138881
  2. I don't agree that I bought a license, but you're right, Apple thinks I did. Until a court tells me otherwise, I consider that I bought a DVD that contains intellectual property. (I don't own that intellectual property, so I can't fiddle with it and re-sell it as OSX-Improved!). If I want to pop that into the toaster, I should be able to. If Apple really wanted to convince me that all I own is a license, they could sell me a floppy disc that boots up my machine, connects to Apple, takes my money, and downloads their software. /snark My point is that until a court tells us otherwise, we ought to consider that we are entitled to install a legal copy of OS X on anything it will run on. Why should we cede our right to experiment without a convincing case? That only stifles creativity. My understanding of copyright is that copyright and patents exist to foster creativity. Profit and market position are only secondary. I respect Apple's right to make a profit, they make some of the best machines available. You get what you pay for. I'm being deliberately obtuse here, of course. My real agenda is that I find it fun and exciting to run the world's most elegant OS on various pieces of junk. Unfortunately, my right to experiment with OSX also endorses Psystar's right to install OS X on their lumpen-boxen. I've loved Macs since 1985, owned many, but I'm not giving Apple the right to dictate to me, without a fight. And I'm not buying a Psystar. I prefer an Apple. My solution to the Psystar mess in a perfect world: Apple should license any company to install OS X on any PC, provided that the PC has a large, non-removable label on the front that says "This is NOT Apple-approved hardware. If it breaks (and it will break), don't come crying to us. If you want the true Apple experience, buy an Apple, not this junk."
  3. "In American, everything that is not forbidden is allowed." If Apple doesn't want me to try to install OS X on my PC, my toaster, my coffee table or my washing machine, they shouldn't sell their software in stores. I don't expect Apple to be responsible for damage to my washing machine, but once I buy the software, if I want to use it as a coaster, that's my right. Washing machine, coaster, Hackintosh, what's the difference? I recall a famous warning on a lawnmower "Do not use this machine as a hand-held hedge trimmer." Why the heck not? It might work. It might not. (I didn't say I was smart.....) Now, if I'm stupid enough to buy a Psystar Hackintosh, and Psystar has included a legal copy of Leopard, should I go running to Apple for support? No. Should Apple support me? No. Microsoft has the same relationship with Dell: Call Dell if you've got a problem. Everything that is not forbidden is allowed. EULA's are not law. Your mileage may vary. Offer not available in all jurisdictions. Order today.
  4. I killed my G4 933

    could be the dc power board. i found a 13" G4 that was dead like that. fixed it with a $30 part from Ebay. look at Ifixit.com for diagnosis and repair instructions. That was invaluable help getting mine up and running.
  5. um.... i think they sell these at the apple store... $129 US when I went in there earlier this week.
  6. i googled "boot 132 gigabyte" and came up with a page that has links to some ready-made iso's, including at least 5 for gigabyte. Take a look at it, all 12 pages: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...114834&st=0 Munky sez the generic worked good for him. also try "boot 132 gigabyte DQ6" and this page comes up: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...aded&start= search for "boot 132 gigabyte DQ6 retail" and you find Siberia has made an iso that should work for you: http://www.rezrov.net/blog/index.php?/arch...h-boot-132.html i love the google.
  7. here's a link to the wiki thread on your board. as far as i can tell from a quick read, it boots vanilla 10.5.2, you may be able to boot retail with the right 132-disk. seems to need a kext replacement for the audio. no big deal with Kext Helper. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=115121 add your success story to that thread.
  8. i bought a used Intel D915GUX on ebay for $40, put in a Celeron 340D, it runs Kaylway 10.5.2. Sound, video, IDE and SATA all worked out of the box. Took 5 minutes to fix Quartz Extreme with Elliott's fix for the onboard video. This mobo actually came from a Gateway. Very cheap system for my needs. Kalyway 10.5.2 is awesome, it just works.
  9. USB ports stopped working? may be a driver issue with windows. check the hardware compatability list, find a distro that supports your motherboard (leo4all is a good choice here), and try an install without purchasing anything. what have you got to lose? and if you are lucky, you may save a lot of money. heck, you could then go out and buy a retail leo DVD and try a retail / vanilla install. wins all the way around.
  10. OS at PC

    I think helscha says "leonardo" but he means "leopard-o". it's a well-known fact, when you translate from english to italian to svenska, then back again, some things get left behind. helscha, you might want to try a tiger distro first, just to get yourself some practice. I found those easy to install. Then upgrade to leopard. most of the geniuses here began with osx86 tiger and clawed their way to the top. another good idea is to install a 2nd hard drive and install on that, just to prevent fatal errors. altho not everyone considers nuking your windows partition to be an error....
  11. what iso sould i use

    the osx86 wiki has a hardware compatability list, which indicates that Kayway 10.5.2 has worked on an MSI VR320X: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...ortables#VR320X but real hackintosh junkies have a dozen different DVDs. collect them all!.... if Kalyway doesn't do it, try Leo4All. I have Kalyway 10.5.2 running on the most ancient mobo, and the video / audio / LAN worked right out of the box. Flawless installation, thanks Kaly & team.
  12. 2009 Live DVD

    ToroLoco, I might be wrong, but I think there is no 'working image' of the Live DVD because every Hackintosh is unique. You need a configuration that works on your Hack. The Live DVD that I build on my Intel Mobo Hackintosh won't run on the Gigabyte Hackintosh that you own. Perhaps you can look thru the .sigs and find someone who has the same mobo, CPU, video card, etc, that you have, and contact them for guidance.
  13. I would take it down to the Apple store and ask them to take a look. Act dumb and ask "Will I have any trouble getting service with this phone?" Don't live in a country with Apple stores? Someone in your neighborhood must have an Iphone, show it to them. You could also poke around on the menus, there must be something like "About this Mac". If it says it's manufactured by Nokia or Motorola or Shanghai Telecom, I'd send it back and demand a refund. But if it says "Genuine Hackintosh" I'd hold on to it.
  14. Retail Leopard is better, straight from Cupertino. As many geniuses as you'll find here, they aren't Apple, and they've done incredible work without many resources. Why not take advantage of the resources and geniuses in Cupertino? Installing from the Retail DVD has been the Holy Grail of Hackintosh, because it's a more elegant hack. And like BladeRunner says, it supports Apple, it's more clearly legal, and updates won't break your system in the foreseeable future. (Apple may one day flip the switch on Hackintosh users, but they haven't given any indication yet that this will happen.) Ask yourself, what would Woz do?
  15. I'm running Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 on an Intel D915GUX from an older Gateway. I bought it on Ebay for $40. Got a nice Celeron D 3.06 Gh. Sound worked out of the box, but the on-board LAN didn't. So I stuck in a $10 3Com NIC. USB, firewire all working. I think my total cost for mobo, cpu and fan was < $100.