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Manually install Darwin bootloader.

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So, I just finished downloading and installing Kalyway 10.5.2 (much better than my old iATKOS installation). Anyways, the installation didn't install the Darwin bootloader, which is a rather big problem for me. Somehow when I boot the cd it boots my Leopard install instead of the cd, so is there a way to manually install the Darwin bootloader from Leopard?


I have an E1405 with a dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, an Intel GM950 video card, and a 110 GB HD. I'm trying to tri-boot XP, Vista, and Leopard...though OS X can't detect my Vista partition right now so I'm betting that's gone.

EDIT: Sorry about the double post, my network froze on me.

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Well, I didn't see exactly how that would be an issue, but I did that anyway. After I re-installed it the same thing happened. I can boot my Leopard install, but only from the install DVD. I have the partition with Leopard on it set as active, should I have a different one set? Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you partition your disk as GPT (guid partition table)? I did, with kalyway 10.5.2, and I had the same problem, it would only boot the install when the CD was in the drive. I tried following this tutorial to re-install the pc_efi bootloader but it didn't seem to change anything. Then I used gptsync from here to update the MBR-partitiontable on the drive and re-installed the bootloader, and now it boots without the CD. Maybe this will work for you too.


To run gptsync on your drive it has to be unmounted, so you need to boot off the install CD and run gptsync off a USB stick or something. Then just follow the instructions here to re-install the bootloader (for GUID only, if your disk is partitioned with mbr partition table, don't use this!)

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