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  1. Hi Mieze, first I want to say thanks for your work on this driver, and also on your Realtek 8111 driver which I previously used with my old motherboard. My request is: Is there any way to permit wake-on-LAN after shutdown when using this driver? I dual boot Windows + Yosemite, and sometimes I want to shut down my computer, and wake it remotely later when I'm at work or similar, using wake-on-LAN. This works fine if I shut down from Windows, but if I shut down from Yosemite, it never wakes on LAN. I guess it's because your driver fully shuts down the NIC when Yosemite shuts down, and the Windows driver doesn't. Is there a configuration option to keep the NIC able to wake-on-LAN when the computer is shut down from Yosemite? I know it's not officially supported by OS X, but it must be possible somehow because I had a Realtek 8111 NIC before which would work OK in this situation, in Yosemite. Now I have to restart the computer from Yosemite and then shut it down with the power button while it's at the Clover screen, to work around this and make it wake-able when shutdown. I have an onboard I217V on a GA-Z97-UD3H motherboard.
  2. I looked at the updated IOATAFamily source code for 10.6.3 and it's good to see that Apple have patched the same bug as I did, so you don't need my patch anymore
  3. I just downloaded the source of IOATAFamily from that link, opened the XCode project contained within, edited the source and compiled it. I'm using XCode 3.2 on Snow Leopard.