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melodyne problem on hackmac


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Hey Mates...


i have 3 different setups...


one normal macbook pro >> result i can register melodyne (which is based on ethernet host id)


asus p5w deluxe hackmac >> result i can register melodyne too


now i was trying it get in run on asus p5k-vm mainboard... very interessting problem:


normaly my host-id is generated by one ethernet adapter (i can choose in registration window)

it looks like this: 1111-2222-3333

but on that p5k-vm mainboard i have only one network adapter and i can choose it only this card of course but i get very strange host id like this: 11111-2222-3333 (see i get first 5 letters) so i cant run any authorization, because its not valid host id.


somebody have this issue too? and can help me?

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