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Here is my PC spec:

AMD Athlon 64x2 4800+

the mobo is a AMD 770 chipset and a SB600 southbridge

the graphic card is a ATI HD3870

i got a 250gb sata drive

and i also have a IDE 80gb drive (where i install windows xp)

(however i change it to sata from IDE)

a DVD drive

that's what all i got....


I have use all the method that i found on the internet,

but i still can't boot normally into Leopard...

I use the Zep 10.5.2 rev2...

i only can boot into safe mode with the dvd by using -x

i don't know what's the kennal panic...i'm new

i would like dual boot both OS...

Can anyone give me a guide on how to do this...

Beside...after the installation, i can't boot into XP either...

Please help me, i have search everywhere, but still got no idea... ;)

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To fix the OSX86 install, boot with -x and install the latest natit. This will give your graphics card support. You may get the blue login screen of death. To fix this, while in safe boot set the monitor sleep time to 1 minute. Now you will only see the blue screen for 1 minute.


As far as the Windows XP install goes, if its on a second HD it should be fine.


Goodluck :)

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