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Please become my personal Jezus! (problem installing kalyway leopard)


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Hi everyone.


I'm a new member and I don't have a lot of knowledge of the MAC operating system so I need your help.

I'm trying to speak the best English i can so excuse me for making any mistakes.


I'm trying to get the Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 on my PC.

I've already searched for a solution on this and other forums but I've not managed to find one working so far.


So please, be my guest and help me if you can.


The basic problem is that the PC restarts after loading all files on the Darwin/x86 boot.


I have one HD, 2 partitions, C:/ contains Windows D:/ contains my data files, i left these untouched.

This is what I've done so far:


1. I downloaded the rar file of this version, it has 2 folders, the contents are as following.



2. I've written the kalyway_leo_10.5.1 (4.5 gig magiciso doc) on a blank TDK dvd-r.

I did this with MAGIC ISO (non-bootable because he give the error 'the iso file is too large to load' with i try to make a bootable dvd)

I tried to make a DVD(boot) with NERO burning rom 8, he burned it but it gave a message (i think it was something like FLOPPY 1.44 MB) before the darwing-boot loading screen.


3. I reboot, select to boot with cd-rom


4. At the screen:


Darwin/x86 boot v 5.0.132

767 MB Memory

VESA v3.0 128 MB (Nvidia)


I've did these options so far:

- nothing

- hit F8 and filled in '-v -x -y cpus=1' after boot:

- hit F8 and filled in 'vanilla -v -f' after boot:

- hit F8 and filled in 'cpus=1 -v -x -f -s' after boot:

- hit F8 and filled in 'tohkernel cpus=1 -v -x -f -s' after boot:


5. On every option my PC starts to load several items, mostly HFS+ files


6. After doing this for a while the PC simply restarts and loades Windows XP.


Some information about my PC spec's.



Microsoft Windows XP, SP2





Pentium® 4 CPU 2,40 GHz

2,39 GHz, 768 MB of RAM


Maybe this screen is useful for you.





If you need any other information please ask me.


If you have a solution to this problem please describe it well so that an idiot like me understands the message.


I'm really hoping to count on your help...


Thank you so much!!

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At first glance the sis ide controller is your (first) main problem. Check kallyway 10.5.2 it has support for it. There is no mention of sis support on kally 10.5.1.

Download this one and then try to install. Good luck ! By the way, very well documented post, and given the fact that it's your first post, WELCOME to the comunity !

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