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Final Cut Pro crash after changing my network adapter


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i had this problem in the past but then i reinstalled OSX cause i needed to do a final installation in a sata disk

now after a long time working with final cut i had to change something in my internet connection

i enabled the wifi cause i can't use the wired anymore, after this final cut asked me again for serial, i did it ok but it crash

that is because final cut see the hardware change and refuse to start.. :D

also motion will crash when i click on "file"

all the other apps from studio work ok

i tried reinstall final cut but the problem is still there

what should i do?

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I read somewhere that it could have to do with the fact that the en0 (which is probably your "yukon") adapter has to be the first network device. When you have your Yukon off, the wireless prolly automatically becomes the 1st device - causing FC to fail.


I´m not on my mac atm and so cannot test things to see if that would solve your problem. But maybe this "pointer" could get you going to solve it yourself.


If I have a chance I´ll look into it ok?



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