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  1. ASUS Z97-A DSDT help

    Hi Noxazer, Great to hear you've got everything working I just bought the same board and seem to have trouble finding hackintosh info about it. Would you please be so kind to package and post your files for me and others? Thanks a lot in advance
  2. k thx for the reply - I will try and not abort the OSX install Verify function and also my other DVD-player. Will post back when I know more.
  3. After I choose what I want to install in the install options I get this message: Install failed Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer The installer could not install the software because there was no software to be found to install Click restart to restart your computer and try installing again I'm kinda puzzled...
  4. Any Direct to HD video recorder?

    Hey MacMike - Final Cut Pro should do it. If you have a hackint0sh - dunno if this is actually working but you can have it a go.
  5. I read somewhere that it could have to do with the fact that the en0 (which is probably your "yukon") adapter has to be the first network device. When you have your Yukon off, the wireless prolly automatically becomes the 1st device - causing FC to fail. I´m not on my mac atm and so cannot test things to see if that would solve your problem. But maybe this "pointer" could get you going to solve it yourself. If I have a chance I´ll look into it ok? Cheers.
  6. Just browsing through the forum I stumbled (again) on this thread agrafuese - forgot that I used your description to get my card working PERFECTLY!! (but forgot to thank you before). So - Thanx a whole lot man! A very clear and simple guide!
  7. FINALLY WORKS! Ati x1600 71c2 QE+CI with 10.5.2+graphic update

    Thanks for your help man I downloaded a 71c2 BIOS from TechPowerUp (intending to use the above posted kexts) and flashed my card... but despite it also said 71c2 in the ATIFlash info - now it became a 71c7! (X1650 Pro 256M) :s All works ok in windows but I still cannot use the above posted kexts.. Could someone please post their 71c2 bios for me? In the meanwhile I´m reading up on EFI-Gfx if that could be another possible (better) solution. As I understand besides altering the ....boot.plist I also have to still add and edit a file called ATYInject.kext which I cannot seem find anywhere (only included in the Kalyway release?). Makes me also wonder what the advantage of this EFI-Gfx road is.. I´ll keep you posted of any progress. Cheers
  8. FINALLY WORKS! Ati x1600 71c2 QE+CI with 10.5.2+graphic update

    I´m planning to flash the card to a type that has success. I´m now only trying to find out which other card (dev. id) has about the same specs as mine so I can search for that BIOS to flash and get the card with QE and all working.. My card specs: - Dev. Id: 71cD - X1600 Pro PCI-E 256M DDR2 - Clocks: Core: 500 MHz, Mem: 396 MHz Any ideas? Maybe even a website with specifications of the x1600 series so I can compare them? Couldnt find it myself. Thx a lot in advance
  9. FINALLY WORKS! Ati x1600 71c2 QE+CI with 10.5.2+graphic update

    Hi all! I have problems getting a Radeon X1600, device id 71CD to work. After I first installed Leo4All I could change my res. but No Quartz Extreme and the likes. After fidling around with different methods I just cannot get it to work. I saw a lot of others having a card with ids 71c2 having succeeded however. Does anyone else have ideas of what I can try? Or is there simply not a driver for this specific type provided with OSx? Thanx a lot in advance for sharing your experience/thoughts!