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JMicron and ICH7

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Hey everyone,

I have a board that has an Intel 975x Express northbridge and ICH7 southbridge. However my secondary IDE channel is controlled by JMicron. I installed Kalyway's 10.5.1 and upgraded to 10.5.2 but I still can't see my JMicron disks. They are setup to IDE, and they are detected by the bios and by windows, so I know they work. I thought JMicron was supported now. Apparently not completely (used to work in 10.4.7.) I also installed the updated ICH* driver, but had no effect. Is there another driver I should be trying or am I missing something?



Edit: The extension JMicronATA.kext simply isn't loading. I setup the plist but nothing still happens. (Yes, I fixed permissions, removed all the cache, and removed extensions.mkext.)


I need input guys, unlike some of you, I'm a very poor college student, and I don't have money to go out and get a SATA drive. Also doesn't change the fact that I still have two IDE drives that still have stuff on and are still usable, but not as long as I can't get them working.

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