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  1. 10.5.2 Needs DVD to Boot

    Common guys, problems aren't solved by looking at a thread and not saying anything. If you don't know how to solve it, throw some ideas out. I'm a systems admin and I know that I don't know all the answers of the top of my head. I try to think of stuff relevant to it and work from there. What did you guys do to get your to work? Did any of you use kalyway's 10.5.2 install DVD to get you OS X to work? How did you get *YOUR* bootloader to work. No offense guys, but having a bunch of people going through this forum and not a single one making a post because they probably don't know how to solve it is rather sad.... and for everyone who says, "Use EasyBCD", I should smack you for relying on Vista to boot your OS X. Now that I'm done ranting and getting the entire forums to hate me, does anyone out there even a remote idea about how to get the darwin bootloader to work?
  2. 10.5.2 Needs DVD to Boot

    After reading up I think I need to manually install the darwin bootloader. Can someone help me with that?
  3. 10.5.2 Needs DVD to Boot

    I installed leopard, but even after I patch and such if I attempt to boot right from the disk, nothing happens. Its my hdd activity stays lit (but is doing nothing) and hangs without giving any prompt. Now if I have the install disk in and I don't hit anything to boot from the DVD, it loads from the hard drive fine. I know there is a solution to this problem, I just for the life of me can't find it. Can someone point me in the right direction throw me a line or two on how to get it to boot from the disk? Thanks!
  4. Bootloader Broken

    I have a rather bizarre problem. I installed 10.5.1 and restarted but the only way for it to boot is to leave the Install disk in, let the counter go down to (0) and it boots from the hard drive. Now when I don't have the install disk in, nothing happens, not even a "No Operating System" error, just nothing, and the post from the device IRQ table stays up, and the last thing it says is "Boot from CD:" which is always does even if I can boot another OS like Windows. Its like it sees the bootloader but just stops and doesn't want to load it up. Is there a way to reinstall the bootloader without reinstalling OS X, or a way to make GRUB take over instead or something along those lines? Thanks. If you need to know anything about my system setup let me know.
  5. Black/Blank screen after Apple logo

    I have a similar problem, however its really not a problem. Its just OS X loading all the drivers and starting services, and my video driver just happens to be at the very end of the list. Maybe your video driver is bad, out of date, doesn't support you video chipset, or something. Try updating your drivers would be my first guess (do this using a USB flash drive with the driver from another computer and install it through the terminal on the install disk.) Edit: After your first install did you install the hacked combo update to 10.5.2?
  6. Thanks man! I found what I was doing wrong. I was putting the id into the IOPCIClassMatch string not the IOPCIPrimaryMatch string. Thanks! I owe you one. I didn't even have to restart. As soon as I installed it, fixed permissions and touch'ed it, both of my other drives showed up! You just saved me a huge hassle.
  7. Blue Screen

    Needed to update video drivers from NVInjekt 0.1.5 to 0.2.2. Thanks for your help anyways.
  8. Unfortunately my bootloader is kind of messed up. I can't boot unless the OS X install disk is in the computer. I wait for it to count down and it boots. If I don't have the disk in, when it gets to booting from the drive it just stops and does nothing, not even an error. Anyways thats not the issue at hand. I tried reinstalling it with the ID I have and nothing happened, I tried using the ID that you gave a couple posts ago, and that didn't work either. Any information you need, I can provide.
  9. IDE DVD drive just not there

    If your board is like mine, you have two IDE channels. The first is a standard IDE channel and the second one is controlled by another chip, in my case its a JMicron JMB363, and Mac OS X doesn't like accessing anything, including CD/DVD drives in it. Make sure your DVD drive is on your primary IDE channel. You'll have to have both your IDE disk and IDE DVD drive on the same channel till you can get OS X installed. If you do have JMicron or something, you'll need to configure your JMicronATA.kext file, which I've had little luck with. Hope that helps. Also let us know what hardware your running, specifically your board, its northbridge and southbridge, and any raid controllers built in that you know of.
  10. Blue Screen

    Every time I go away from my computer for an extended period of time (over one hour or so) I come back to my monitor being a solid shade of Mac OS X blue, like at the login screen, but with no windows, mouse, or anything. I first thought that it could be a problem with my monitor going to sleep so I disabled the screen saver, turned off all power saving options, but it still does it anyway. Could NVInjekt be causing it?
  11. I have an 975X Express northbridge, and my id is 0x2361197b (I looked up the vender and device ids in an Ubuntu live CD and made that from doing 0x[deviceid] + [venderid]) But in which plist do I put it, and which key exactly does it go into? I'm looking inside the kext. Does it fit into the Info.plist? (I normally don't modify kexts, if I'm doing this wrong please let me know how to correctly do it.) Edit: Oh, nevermind mate. I found it. Thanks for all your help, I didn't look hard enough first time around. :PI'll reply back with the outcome. Edit 2: Didn't work. Can't see the drives, and I see no proof that it even knows that the JMicron controller even exists. Edit 3: It looks like the extension isn't even loading. I fixed permissions, removed all the cache, and removed extensions.mkext and nothing happens still. :-/
  12. I hate to revive old threads but do you mean the device id of the jmicron chip or the device ID of the DVD drive?
  13. I think Kalyway might want to be a little more exact in his wording. Mostly compatible with JMicron is more like it. Mine isn't detected and now I have 2 drives that can't be detected, but were detectable under 10.4... JMB361 is the JMicron chip, its for the secondary IDE channel. (Yes, they're ATA drives and not SATA.)
  14. JMicron and ICH7

    Hey everyone, I have a board that has an Intel 975x Express northbridge and ICH7 southbridge. However my secondary IDE channel is controlled by JMicron. I installed Kalyway's 10.5.1 and upgraded to 10.5.2 but I still can't see my JMicron disks. They are setup to IDE, and they are detected by the bios and by windows, so I know they work. I thought JMicron was supported now. Apparently not completely (used to work in 10.4.7.) I also installed the updated ICH* driver, but had no effect. Is there another driver I should be trying or am I missing something? Thanks. Edit: The extension JMicronATA.kext simply isn't loading. I setup the plist but nothing still happens. (Yes, I fixed permissions, removed all the cache, and removed extensions.mkext.) I need input guys, unlike some of you, I'm a very poor college student, and I don't have money to go out and get a SATA drive. Also doesn't change the fact that I still have two IDE drives that still have stuff on and are still usable, but not as long as I can't get them working.
  15. SUCCESS INSTALL Kalyway 10.5.2 AT LAST !

    I ran the update again, and while the screen went black and had no signal, I left it alone, let it do its thing. Come to find out it INSTALLED FINE, and OS X likes to boot after an update with a dead screen. Thats one to add to the OSx86 10.5.2 Update manual.