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Need Lots Of Help, Im About To Give Up


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so ive been trying this forever now


ive downloaded and tried the following releases


iATKOS v1.0i

Kalyway 10.5.1


Mac OS X 10 5 Leopard ToH

and one random one I found online that I dont remember the name of


none of them have worked

2 of them have installed fine, at least it says "Install Successful Please Restart"

and then i restart and it wont boot up

and then if i boot from the DVD it just installs again


I have Dell Inspiron E1405

heres my specifics








can someone please help me out


maybe help me choose which release to use (I have all of them still burned)

and i need lots of help getting it to boot up

some of the releases i installed would just say "Unable to load Operating System"

and some of them would just go to a black screen and give me a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner

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Are you choosing to load one of the bootloaders (MBR or EFI)?


where do i select this

in the Bios?

because Ive looked in there and cant seem to find anything but

what order to try to boot

(eg. Internal HD, CD-Drive, etc)

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No, I mean in the installation menu, when there are the options for drivers, etc.


do you know which release that was on

because i just tried the Kalyway version last night and i didnt see that in the drivers menu


i dled G-Parte Live CD

and tried to set the HD to bootable and it said it already was after one of the sucessful installations

but it still wouldnt load

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I have the same blinking cusre promble , installs fine but dose not boot..


i chose the EFI in the coustimze menu but in the option when i formated the disk partition for Leopard, i chose the MBR opption instead of an Apple Map or GUID ones...

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