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OMG ASUS P5K-E wifi/ap edition


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i have the following hardware


- intel q6600 2.4ghz

- 4gbram

- 2x seagate barracuda sata II 250gb

- samsung sata dvd/r drive (taken out of xbox. modified firmware and reads the disc LOL)

- asus p5k-e wifi/ap edition

- nvidia880gts 512mb


i have tryed the

-kaly way 10.5.1 install

-iAtkos1.0i install


i just get the old "Waiting for root device error"

i do wonder if its the xbox drive(it boots discs)


PLEASE help i just built this computer and *heart* mac

the discs run on my toshiba laptop

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I have the same motherboard. Kalyway works good.


You need to set Jmicron controller to AHCI and disable all those features in CPU Configuration such as C1E, Execute Disabled Bit, Vanderpool Technology etc etc. Disable them all.


You need a SATA DVD ROM.

Boot from the Kalyway DVD, chose customized configuration and select only EFI_MBR. Leave everything else uncheck/unselected, they might cause kernel panics. You can install the graphics card, Audio drivers later etc.

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ok sweet. i will try it and get back to you. because i have done the settings before and then tryed to boot with my xbox drive and just got still waiting for root device. i never thought that it would be the xbox drive lol.

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