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  1. You are partially correct. You could try to downgrade the VM. I did it with the Tech Preview and it was as simple changing the VM version setting in the .vmx file. It's not supported though so I don't know if it will work properly. @Donk many thanks for the unlocker!
  2. Already here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/339-unlocker/ .
  3. Hey JBraddock! I was wondering if you can share this? I'm having huge problems with Adobe Flash and HD video, maybe related. Cheers!
  4. You are correct, sorry, I was out of the loop for a over a month or so Спасибо taptun!
  5. Yes, this is for the older version of DV6/DV7, without Sandy Bridge. Just replace that part with your own DSDT fix for ATI (or whatever else). Make sure to add new line endings (\n) at the end of every line. There might be some other changes required, but I don't have the platform to test. Also, guys, please don't OT, spamming and hijacking gsly's topic. gsly, what about that beer? You said you don't turn down beer, so is there any way I can buy you one or two? The parser does fail on the decompiled DV6 DSL, that's why that nasty hack is needed.
  6. Hey guys, You were correct, the patcher I gave you before didn't work and thrown parse errors. It is because of some weird error in the AutoPatcher. Here's a fix. HP_DVx_i7_patch_2011_09_29.zip To use the patcher with DV6 or DV8 rename accordingly patch-xx.txt file to patch.txt Sorry, I didn't test it properly before release. Cheers
  7. dgrx, It's possible there's a typo in my latest patcher, as I didn't have time to test it properly yet. I'll do that and will let you guys know.
  8. Works great gsly, good job! To people that say they have compile errors - it must be that your DSDT is not compatibile with mine. Also, are you patching under Windows or Linux? Because if you patch on Mac, you are actually patching an already patched DSDT (so, no good!). If you like send me your raw, untouched DSDT file (extracted in Windows or Linux), and I can look into where the patcher is failing for your machines. Cheers, NIXin
  9. Hey gsly! I will test it now , attaching the updated patcher file (to use, get DSDT Auto Patcher first). Thanks! HP_DVx_i7_patch_2011_09_22.zip
  10. Indeed awesome news! Can I buy you a beer gsly?
  11. Any progress on the project? Good luck and keep up the great work
  12. Anybody hacked the CalDigit driver for 10.7 ? Could anybody point as to how to hack them, where to start? I've tried running the patched LaCie, but it seems unstable - either mounts as USB 2.0 (useless) or disconnects during usage - same errors as MacNB is having.
  13. neat! awaiting the 10.7 version then, and it will all be perfect
  14. How do we read out all the battery information? System profiler shows most of that stuff, but no battery temperature for example. Also, iStat Pro doesn't see the battery at all ("no battery present"). Again, many thanks gsly, for this great contribution!