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yet another 10.5.3 beta update (9D11)


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Hot on the heels of the 9D10 seed, Apple appears to be working aggressively on the next version of Mac OS X with a new developer release (9D11) only days after the first.


Apple has detailed 19 more fixes in the latest seed and has asked developers to focus testing on a broad range of features including AirPort, Dashboard, Back To My Mac, Automator, iCal, Printing, Time Machine and many others.


The rapid development release is curious at this early stage of seeding. Typically, Apple starts frequent seeding to developers when preparing for final release. As of build 9D11, there are no known issues -- suggesting Apple may be targeting a quick release. Apple last updated Mac OS X to version 10.5.2 in February.

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can't wait to see what 10.5.3 is all about :wub:

heres what i found the other day:



Mac OS X 10.5.3 build 9D11 Seed Note


Important Installation Instructions


1) The Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update (Delta) updates

- Mac OS X 10.5.2

- Any earlier seed of Mac OS X v10.5.3 ONLY AFTER installing the included reversioner. If you installed a previous seed of Mac OS X v10.5.3, please use the enclosed Reversioner.pkg.


2) The Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update (Combo) updates

- Mac OS X 10.5, 10.5.1, 10.5.2

- Any earlier seed of Mac OS X v10.5.3 ONLY AFTER installing the included reversioner. If you installed a previous seed of Mac OS X v10.5.3, please use the enclosed Reversioner.pkg.


Please be aware that you will not be able to revert back to your previous system after updating. Please install this update on a system you are prepared to erase if necessary.


As this is a pre-release build, it is not advisable to use this software on a production system with information on it that you depend on for your business.


Known Issues

- None


Focus Areas

- Active Directory/Directory Services

- Address Book


- AirPort

- AppleScript

- Audio

- Automator

- Back To My Mac

- Dashboard

- Dictionary

- Directory Services

- Dock

- DVD Player

- Finder

- Graphics

- iCal

- Installer

- Mail

- Portable Home Directories

- Printing

- Rosetta

- Spaces

- Spotlight

- Time Machine

- VoiceOver


Bug Reporting

This build is being provided to you for testing and development purposes. Should you encounter any problems, please submit a bug report using the online Bug Reporter at <http://bugreporter.apple.com/>. Please make sure to include "Leopard 10.5.3 (9D11)" in the bug title and description. This information will ensure that your bug is processed quickly.


When submitting a bug report, please make sure to include a Summary, Steps to Reproduce, Actual Results, Expected Results, the System Profile Report, and any other relevant information that is necessary to process the report.


IMPORTANT: Engineering requires additional information for crashing bugs, kernel panics, and hanging issues.


Crashing Bugs: Crash logs are required for crashing bugs. Crash logs can be located in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter


Kernel Panics: Backtraces, which contain vital information for investigating kernel panics, are required for kernel panic issues. Backtraces can be saved to nvram on restart shutdown, then copied to the panic.log file on restart. The panic.log file can be found in /Library/Logs/PanicReporter.


Hanging Issues: When an application is hung, a Sample should be provided. This can be done using the Activity Monitor (/Applications/Utilities/). To generate a Sample using this utility, click on the hung application name, then from the View Menu select "Sample Process".


For complete instructions on submitting bug reports, please visit the Bug Reporting page at <http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/>.


Thank you for your support.

Apple Developer Connection


Areas of Change

New issues fixed in this seed:

- HLTB Events issue with opening document from Finder resolved

- Automator Find Mail Items now works correctly

- Time Machine backupd and new AFP backups

- Issue with password auto retrieve and AirPort 802.1X fixed

- Fixed issue with Spaces preferences

- NSConnection now notifies ports when a thread exits

- CUPS "-P" option for the "lp" command now works correctly

- Graphics corruption issue resolved

- Issue where Mail messages may not display correctly fixed

- Layering issue with Spaces fixed

- launchd and FCS2 restart now works properly

- KerberosHelper now finds ticket from managed realm

- Fix to CoreFoundation and Xcode run log

- Fixed Automator Action with To, CC, and BCC fields

- Fix to Comms SW and Ethernet Adaptor

- Fixed Sleep issue with MBA

- Resolved issue with AppleUSBEthernet plist

- Fixed communication issue with Back to My Mac and .Mac servers

- Resolved AirPort connection issue


Issues fixed in previous seeds:

- DashboardClient processes now work correctly after .Mac syncing

- Adding a Mobile account and Portable Home Directories issue fixed

- Text-to-Speech and Japanese text

- Dashboard sync and placement of widgets with different screen resolutions

- Web Content Filter and Parental Controls

- iCal Synchronization and adding Task with Attendee no longer gives an incorrect error

- twisted.mail.module now installed with Python 2.5

- ImageIO fix

- Fixed issue with Go to Folder and Finder

- Date arithmetic now gives correct results

- AppleScript 2.0 and formUniqueID fix

- NTLM auth and CFURLauthentication working correctly

- Text-to-Speech and Hysterical voice no longer causes hang

- Minimizing a window with a negative size no longer causes Dock to hang

- When Dock hiding is enabled, activating Spaces while a Stack is open now works correctly

- AD DS Plug-in and Domain Controllers issue fixed

- Issue were running apps make display incorrectly in the Dock fixed

- Exiting Front Row with the remote control menu button works correctly

- Fixed memory leak issue with CoreAnimation

- Network pref pane now lists domain options correctly

- Folder permissions with archive and install fixed

- iCal now presents previously used alarms when creating a new event

- Calling lockFocus on NSImage in secondary thread no longer causes crash

- Selecting login items for mobile accounts no longer freezes preferences

- Fixed issue with Installer App

- Printer Proxy now integrates with the Apple Help system

- SpotlightIndex and issue with rebooting fixed

- Binding client to a directory no longer creates multiple copies

- NSString isEqual now works correctly

- Mobile Account group MCX settings now preserved when offline

- iCal no longer sets all-day exception date to local time

- Fixed iCal syncing issue with recurring events

- Printer Proxy and language display issue resolved

- Fixed memory leak issue with iCal

- Error getting external address 3 with mDNSResponder fixed

- Fix to CoreImage and NSBitmapImageRep

- Issue where FireWire camera may block FireWire device recognition resolved

- CATransaction no longer crashes when committing in layoutSublayersOfLayer

- Fixed ToDo due date time zone issue in iCal

- Disk Utility Repair Permissions progress bar now behaves correctly

- Issue with NSView and opening & closing windows with GC on fixed

- Layer-backed view printing now works correctly

- URLMount fixed

- NSBrowser now works with NSTreeController with countKeyPath set

- Spotlight search on server shares now return correct results

- Fixed issue with printing PDFs from Preview app.

- AFP X Client now creates folders with correct privileges

- Issue with infinite loop and NSCoding fixed

- Venezuela time zone issue fixed

- Debug bild of DVDPlayback.framework now allows running in gdb

- ICADownloadFile now works correctly

- HLTB DataBrowser: Scrolling in languages issue fixed

- IKPictureTaker no longer crashes when garbage Collection is enabled

- CISunbeemsGenerator no longer crashes when Garbage Collection is enabled

- Fix to CoreAnimation

- MCX Client setting fixed

- Mail no longer deletes or adds Alarms on a Task when Alarm is changed on a Task

- CIFilter objects no longer lead to crash when released

- When checking domains multiple times, CFPreferences now checks correctly

- fsck_hfs now handles file hard links properly

- Pax archives now extracted correctly into File Systems

- BSD Kernel and unbuffered i/o no longer hangs

- Fix to Type 1 Scaler

- Fix to 802.1x authentication

- Saving an Automator Workflow now saves correctly when right-clicking from menu

- Searching for files by date with Automator Action now behaves correctly

- Fix to 'New iCal Event' Automator Action

- Fix to 'Get Selected Finder Items' Automator Action

- Password authentication and Mail POP fix

- Mail IMAP and change to IP address issue fixed

- NSGraphicsContext printing problem fixed

- Fix to dynamic menu issue with HLTB Menus

- Mail message list no longer shrinks after search

- Fixed issue with recently used fonts and NSFontPanel

- AppleScript Automator Action now saved correctly

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