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This is bloody unbelievable. Needed a 1394b receptacle and tried to order it on this miserable site of bloody impolite boxmovers:




As by the way advised by the great Aquamac... Oh dear, what a mistake!


Some hysterical {censored} answered the phone shouting, and I asked if it was possible to send the receptaclein a padded envelope to save on shipping costs.


*NOTICE: they aren't supposed to earn jack on SHIPPING, or are they OVERCHARGING? Piece of {censored} merchants, hope they die in misery.


What did he answer? "{censored} OFF YOU CHEAP {censored}" and hang up on me!




EDIT ON 08/07/2009


I have been notified that this post might seem intolerant towards homosexual people. I apologise for that, as I do not consider myself as intolerant towards any ethnicity, religion or sexual preference different than mine, and I wrote this post in a moment of rage, after being insulted by a stupid redneck with a shrill, hysterical voice. In fact, the insult in "hysterical homo" wasn't really in the homo part as much as it was in the "hysterical" part. I absolutely reiterate my position towards this so called "shop" and the dreadful attitude of those people who obviously wanted to earn money on the shipping rather than conducting their business in a fair way as they should have.

Again, my most sincere apologies to whomever might have felt insulted on a sexual basis, I have nothing at all against homosexual people.

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