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  1. Before I installed the TB card the system was running Mojave 10.14.6 without a single glitch. It did have other issues, though: - Couldn't get Clover GUI to countdown and remember last booted volume - For the life of it it wouldn't let me update to Catalina
  2. Hi guys,I'm at my wit's end. I really need a hand here.I found only one clover setup for my motherboard, and works absolutely flawlessly for Mojave.Today I added an Asus Thunderbolt EX3 card, and that won't even let me boot my Mojave installation.My config.plist in attachment. Let's solve at least the Thunderbolt issue for now. There are also other issues, but let's solve this one first. Asus WS Z390 PRO + i9 9900K 32GB 3200 Nvidia 2080Ti for Windows and AMD RX480 for MacOS. Samsung NVME 950PRO config.plist
  3. Do you always talk like Yoda? I just updated to 10.12.1 with software update. Whichever is the current, I'm on it.
  4. Pike's patch works also on 10.12.1 No point in using a hacked old kext, Clover patches are always cleaner and easily changeable if something goes south.
  5. TorqueX86

    ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 - Does it work OOB?

    Thanks. Does it appear in System Profiler?
  6. As per subject. It should on Sierra, but wanted to hear your opinion before separating from my $100. :-)
  7. Success here with the Piker's lengthy patch. - However it kind of breaks Clover Configurator. It won't load config.plist anymore. Does anyone else experience this? - Will it persist throughout Sierra's point updates? PS. I tried to load El Capitan with the patch installed, and even though it doesn't solve the issue there, it will not break it either. So it is possible to dual boot with the patch always on.
  8. TorqueX86

    Changing SMBIOS details on NUC

    Actually I solved the issue by deselecting the "mobile" option in Clover Configurator. This way it won't load unnecessary power profiles related to battery handling. Problem solved i guess.
  9. TorqueX86

    Changing SMBIOS details on NUC

    Thank you again for the clarification! Any idea of where I may get a SN generator that supports MacMini 7,1? In fact, I was using Clover Configurator's generator, which only supporta until 6,1.
  10. TorqueX86

    Changing SMBIOS details on NUC

    Thank you very much! Unfortunately though, with my best efforts it will still show as a "Mac mini server 2012" Is there some automatic SMBIOS builder that supports this model?
  11. TorqueX86

    Changing SMBIOS details on NUC

    Jawohl! Buuut, back to the question, what is the SMBIOS identifier of the 1.4 GHz Haswell Mac Mini?
  12. Of course I am using them in the Clover Kext folder. I never put anything in my SLE, I try to keep it as virginal as possible.
  13. Hi there, My NUC is identified as a Macbook Air 13". I have no issues related to that, but I would like to have it identified as an entry level Mac Mini. Clover Configurator does not seem to offer this option to me. How should I set it? Also, should I delete my current "mac" from iTunes and Apple Store, since I won't be using it as a MBA anymore? Thanks in Advance!