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[SELL] Mac G3 case with some mods already done.


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Ok, recently I gave a swing at a G3 case with a PC inside, and it just didn't finish up, the board wouldn't post, so I was forced to give up.


The case will only come with:

all plastic exterior panels

hard drive caddy

modified front panel (power button, reset button and power light all wired)

5.25"/3.5" bay caddy

Stock 120mm fan original to case with original power plug


The original standoffs of the logic board have been removed, as well as several holes being drilled for a motherboard, however they may not line up with all others due to mounting positioning.


The internal speaker is also included, and has been modified with a 4 pin lead to plug into a motherboard header, however I haven't tested it with a motherboard to verify its working (original motherboard didn't require or have headers for it). The plastic panels are not 100% perfect, however the case is fully functional regardless. The original serial number sticker will be removed.


It will be too much for me to pay for shipping, so that will be on the buyer, PM for an estimate.



^mapped image of where i was going to drill



^system with power input and showing the layout


more pictures available upon request, i have nearly 150 of my work.


For the G3, seeing as I've put plenty of time into it, $70 is a definite fair price, there's a good amount of work already done to it, leaving little left for the buyer.


If you'd like to get the power supply with it, add $25, because of my work soldering, and its weight.


PM me with questions or offers so it can be worked out. I'd prefer to not ship this outside the US because of costs and potential loss (i've had packages get lost and wouldn't want it to happen to someone else).


thanks for looking,


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with the motherboard i was using, along with the heatsink i had (the system was based on a socket 478 board) the case closed, but had next to nothing between the cooler and PSU (3mm at most).


about the DVD drive, again, the motherboard i tried it with had conflicts so it wouldn't work. I'm not selling the case built with motherboard, its the case only. as you can see in many places, people had to either choose their motherboard very carefully, or mod it extensively to work.


the picture with the built system is only to illustrate what it would sort of look like finished.

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Guest BuildSmart
this topic can be locked, due to advancements in my project, the case is no longer for sale.

What advancements???

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the case is going to be fitted with a Tyan S3098G2N motherboard, the optical drive cage will be cut, and a NEC or Lite On DVD drive will be fit in (using ATA bus).


the power supply will be the same as in the picture, but the CPU will be upgraded to a 2.53Ghz Celeron D with 533mhz FSB, as well as 512MB of DDR 333mhz RAM to start. RAM will be upgraded as needed in the future. the system will run 10.4.8 until i can update to 10.4.10 or use Leopard (after a RAM upgrade).


beyond that, the case looks as it does in the pictures. the power supply needs minimal work, but it will be done as i get the chances (probably next week or so, when the Tyan board arrives).


the Tyan board was a real steal on ebay, for $34.96 (shipping included). as long as its the G2N version onboard ethernet will work fine, i'll have a USB > RCA audio adapter if needed which has full OS X support.

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This may be a stupid question but does anyone think there is a market for Mac cases already adapted for PC parts? Like all the mounts done and all you would do is order the case, Mac Pro, G5, G4, etc and mount the motherboard and stuff.

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just within the modders of the OSx86 community of course there's a market, but as you'll see, most people would rather start from scratch because they can make it how they want it, not just a generic, every case looks the same +/- the occasional window mod, fans, whatnot.


originally i didn't think i'd get very far with it, but i've gotten this far, i'm trying to finish it. DVD+/-RW drive and a little more RAM to go, and then i'm there. but i have to fix a BIOS problem first.


upon power loss with the Tyan S3098G2N-RS board that i have (meaning i unplug either the ATX power cable, or i unplug the PSU) once all power is lost (green power LED on motherboard turns off) the BIOS settings seem to always go with it. this has killed 2 OS X installations so far, and i'm reluctant to start a third because i'm still rearranging my room, i have no permanent place. also, a power outage would knock out the BIOS just as easily.


oh the fun in doing things from scratch!

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G3 case is back up for sale.


asking $50 + 1/2 shipping.


Total will be calculated after the case is shipped, so buyer must be committed, or I will hold you responsible for the full shipping cost plus return shipping.


PM for more pictures, any details you want.


Case will ship with 250W Lite-On power supply modded to reach the motherboard, and there are two standoffs in the case for mounting a motherboard, so having a PCI card in place will help.


I'm looking to get this out, but the price is because of the weight, so consider that.


I'm negotiable, so don't hesitate if you've been looking for this.


I also have all the old parts from the case, like the ripped out standoffs if you want to epoxy those into place, and all original screws, so if you want to alter how I have it, I can include all the parts.

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