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  1. GTX 275

    I recently installed osx high sierra 10.13.3. I have been having a hell of a time getting my gtx275 to work. I have resorted to using my trusty gt210 now. I have followed every tutorial but just cant get it to work. Ideas?
  2. G5 cdrom mounting plate

    I have g5 case converted to atx. I need to find away to mount my cdrom though. Where can I buy the mounting plate?
  3. Trading 12' powerbook for nice hackintosh

    Bump. Come on now....
  4. I have a 1ghz 12 inch powerbook with a superdrive and 768 megs of ram. The machine has 2 flaws 1 is a dead battery the other is a wear spot on the palm rest. I am looking to get a nice hack box something thats efi-x compatible would be best since I am buying the chip.
  5. [SELL] Mac G3 case with some mods already done.

    will the case close with a pc board in place? Can it hold a dvd drive?
  6. Custom built quad-core hackintosh in g5 case

    would you trade it for a first gen macbook.
  7. HP Ze2008wm Laptop for trade.

    I have a hp ze2008wm with 1.3 celeron 768 ram and 40 gig harddrive. I will sell for $350 or will add a ipod video 30 gig and trade for a core solo mini.
  8. iMac G4 700 mhz 15' screen for $200

    I have a 15 inch imac g4 700 for 200 plus shipping. Will consider trading this machine for a motherboard with a core duo cpu. I am in WV USA.
  9. [Trade] PlayStation 2 or 3

    I got a 80 gig ps3 with resistance fall of man and Motorstorm. I got a couple of psone and ps2 games in the closet as well. I will trade it for your macbook.
  10. Building a REAL Mac Pro

    I am going with a single 1.6 ghz xeon to save money they are around 200 bucks. Apple doesn't have a machine that runs that low currently. I am also using my own hard drive. The rest of the specs break down like this$499 for the logic board$89 for a single riser card (not getting the second one to save money)Mac flashing my radeon x1600 with the mac rom from the original mac pro card30 for a asus sata dvd burner x2 so $60$299 for the powersupply at welovemacs.comram is coming macsales unsure on how much I am getting15-20 for the front panel (powerbutton) and usb from mac pro10 for front panel cablesThen I need a caseWelovemacs has the enclosure for 499 I believe that comes with everything all the fans and cables etc but thats to much. Bare mac pro and g5 cases run under 100 on ebay I could rig up the fans and the bracketsI believe the motherboard will have sensor cables on the ram and harddrives. They cost a damn fortune 39 a pop so I need to figure a way around them.After reading up on this more I discovered that apples mac pro board requires a extended BTX case. They run around the same cost at least with in $200 on the actually enclosure on we love macs. This damn project doesn't seem cost effective now. Maybe the best thing to do is wait for a mac pro with a blown motherboard to come on the market.
  11. I found a site selling mac pro boards for $499 they also have the video card for $199 and the ram riser cards for $89. I then found a site that sells the power supply for $299. The cpu is around $250. finally 6 gigs of ram for $300. The big issue I have is a case. I can find bare mac pro cases for 89 bucks but they dont have anything inside. There is also a site selling the complete case minus the powersupply for $499. I need to get that cost down to make this a practical build. Can I rig the mac pro board into a g5 case? would it work in a pc server case ?
  12. Running aTV OS on Intel Macs

    I installed it on my macbook and messed with some of the kexts. I now get this error -sh-2.05b# csrhidtransitiondriver: :stop IObluetoothhcicontroller: :start idle timer stopped
  13. Couldnt we just install bootcamp on it? The same files work on all macs so it would make appletv able to boot windows
  14. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    On intel itanuim boards you can flash the efi firmware from windows using iflash64 it basically flashes the efi partition to the firmware. Assuming that can be down on a regular board could one flash your efi modules
  15. There are lots of places to get apple intel boards. The boards cost as much as the machines do. You can thank Happy2kcomputers for that. That guy came up with away to use apple repair parts to make new macs. He even sold cases for modders to build their own g4. Apple raised hell and the prices of logicboards sky rocketed.