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Multi Touch on the old MBP?

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colonels - we have argued about this before my friend ;)


it is widely known that the trackpads on the older MBP's (even my 1st gen Core Duo one) can detect 3 fingers. if you install Ubuntu on your MBP you can configure it to do 1-, 2- and 3-finger clicks.


this means that theoretically someone could write a driver for the older mbp (and most likely mb) trackpads to give SOME extra functionality, even if its not the same as the true multitouch trackpad.


imagine you could set up something like :


3 finger tap (touch the trackpad with three fingers for a short time) - do equivalent of 'next' (3-finger swipe right)

3 finger tap and hold (touch the trackpad with three fingers for a longer time) - do equivalent of 'back' (3 finger swipe left)

3 finger hold and click - rotate by 90 degrees?


maybe if 3 finger drag is possible to detect, it could be used for zoom. (eg up for zoom in, down for zoom out).


this kind of thing has been done before - google 'iScroll2' for example - gave me two-finger scrolling on my old 12'' PowerBook.

just my tuppence worth :)

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wtf? you can do that on ANY MacBook.. hell, even the later PowerBooks could do that. you crazy man! :)




haha, well I'm a bit of Mac noob when it comes to MB's


I'm used to running OSX86 on a PC.


But hey I still would like to be informed about the multi touch for older MBP's

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sure you can do the basic touch combos but forget about the new mac gestures because your MBP is not physically able to use the gestures. I hope that helped clear things up a bit.

The trackpad its self is.

The only thing thats different on the new trackpads is a Broadcom chip that processes those inputs.

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