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P5K and Logic 8 Users - What GFX card you running?

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I got logic 8.01 running, but none of the bundled software (Mainstage etc), because my GFX card isn't up to scratch. I have researched anyone else with the ATI 9200SE to see if has any drivers, and it appears not (I'm not surprised, it only cost me £30 about 4 years ago)...



So, what's the best card for me to buy, assuming a budget of £40 GBP. I will require dual screens to work, plus obviously the basic requirements for these programs to work. (QE I assume?)



I posted a thread with all my computer details and what BIOS settings I have to help some people with this board out last week.






ASUS lists the P5K as being ATI Crossfire capable. I know nothing about graphics cards, I'm into audio. Does this mean I can't install a nVidea PCI-E card??


I looked through the 10.5.1 HCL and it appears this one might do the job - any thoughts?? The HCL doesn't mention what board any of the cards are being used on?


XFX GeForce 8400GS 250Mb HDTV PCI-E




If I buy the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT with 256MB of GDDR3 memory, the one advertised on the MAC PRO specs, can I assume this would be the best choice for compatibility or is it fairly irrelevant? It's a bit out of my price range.



Cheers for any help - let me know if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new here. :)




ASUS P5K (vanilla)

INTEL E6600 2.5 GHz


ATI 9200 SE

MOTU 828MKii USB Audio Card

Kalyway 10.5.1

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I believe the 8400 cards do not function properly with OSX86. 8600GT/GTS and 8800GT cards are working fine under 10.5.2. I am running an XFX 7600GT and it works fantastic for Logic 801. Still a little sluggish with Stylus RMX, but that's a Logic Problem, not my card. I recommend this one on the same site you PM'd me about.


http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?NOV-76GT (I recommend this card despite the slight price difference - should work great with Natit, dual screen too)


The 7600 GT series with 256MB of RAM seem to work flawless. Mine is working great with GFX Strings under EFIV8.


Hope this helps.


Prof. Synthology

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Cheers mate that's a great help


I've actually gone for the ASUS EN7300GT Silent, because that according to the HCl works very well also, plus it's only 35 Queens sheets as well.




I'm pretty sure this'll solve my problems. It arrives on Wednesday I think so will post back an update to let you all know how it goes. If i can get dual screen going too then that will be a bonus. If not i'll send it back and go for the 7600, but it should be ok.



Also, I think it'll run Rome Total War way better too!

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