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  1. P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    Oh for lords sake, it was the ethernet cable..... I was using the one that came with my xbox 360 as it was lying around - nobody told me there are different kinds of ethernet cable!! I've just plugged in my Belkin 5e crossover cable and its reported and running at 1Gb...
  2. P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    hi Jimmy, thanks very much response but it's not worked, sorry! I've used AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext and also RealtekR1000.kext (which won't even connect), as well as both L1 and L2 versions of the Attansic. I've tried changing manually the ethernet settings on both - if I change the hackintosh to 1GB in Network-Advanced Settings, it shows up as 1Gb, but it's really still only at 100Mbits as shown in the Macbook Network Utility (file transfer between the two is definitely 100Mbit) As soon as I change the macbook ethernet settings to 1Gb at the same time - it says "Cable Unplugged" - this happens on both realtek and attansic. While using these different kexts i am also putting whichever one i am trying into IONetworkingFamily/contents/plugins I may have mentioned before, the chip on my Maplin home brand ethernet is RTL8169SB, not just RTL8169. But i still don't understand why two different NIC are BOTH at 100Mbits....my macbook pro is early 2008 and definitely has a gigabit card - it says it! (Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8055 Singleport Copper SA) i've tried every configuration in network settings (DHCP, manual settings, etc) (picture from the macbook Don't know what to do really! What kexts are you using, the ones from your installer? Aside from the ethernet everything else works fine, it's very annoying!
  3. P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    hi everyone does anyone know why the attansic ethernet or the Realtek RTL8169 only runs at 100Mbits on these boards (I've got a P5K) I've tried every 8169 and attansic kext available and every ionetworking.kext all over the internet for both, and can't get a gigabit connection between my P5K and my Macbook pro. P5k Q6600 Quad 2.4 7300GT 2 gig corsair ram 10.5.7 leopard at the mo (not up to 10.5.8 as i use pro tools 7.4.2 and can't upgrade it) chameleon rc4 (hence, all my kexts are in /Extra, not in S/L/E, because i wanted to keep it separate - i cloned my macbook pro hard drive you see Also, when using the attansic, i can access the macbook pro from the hackintosh on the network, but i cannot access the hackintosh from the macbook. It works both ways with the Realtek card, but its still too slow... MBP is running 10.6.2, but i had the same problems last year when it was on leopard any ideas? it's been winding me up for about a week now!
  4. hiya I've got a working install on a ASUS P5K (I cloned my macbook pro hard drive, and installed Chameleon on it, and took kexts from the ASUSP5K.iso image found in the boot132 thread) Onboard Attansic gigabit LAN card has NEVER worked, I've tried every Attansic kext there is, and gave up, no idea how people have managed that.. Anyway, I went and bought a gigabit ethernet card from Maplin - RTL8169SB I've tried every kext for this as well and it never goes above 100Mbits, although it's recognised in the system info by name and mac address. I've also, while trying each kext, put a copy of it into IONetworkingfamily.kext/contents/plugins, and removed all the other ones in use. Is this a known problem? I've searched the entire internet and can only find threads about network dropouts, not about not running at full speed. Is it because it's the SB version of the chip do you think? I'm trying to get a gigabit connection between my macbook pr and my hackintosh. If anyone has gigabit PCI addon card running at full speed, please link to the card and I'll just buy it (UK suppliers preferably) Cheers! Leopard 10.5.7 ASUS P5K Gforce 7300GT 2 gig corsair RAM if you want any more info/copies of the .kext info.plists just let me know and i'll upload P.S. all my modified kexts are in extra/extensions in the chameleon folder, not S/L/E
  5. ASUS P5K help required.

    hiya I first installed using kalyway 10.5.1 ages ago - check this topic:- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...mp;#entry664623 Since then, I have cloned my macbook pro laptop, and i boot using this in my PC, which I guess doesnt really help you as you may not have a mac to start with. Do a search for Boot-132 method on here, and you should be able to find a bootloader which you can burn to CD made specifically for our board. When you load that up, you can probably swap the disk to the Retail version and install from there. The .iso files is just called ASUSP5K.iso I think, you should be able to find it easily. From then on, after install to hard drive, you can just boot the CD and then select your drive afterwards (80/81) - once installed you will get a choice of Windows or Mac. Or to make it easier, just install Leopard to a separate hard drive to start with. My gfx card is the 7300GT and took a while to get going, I'd concentrate on getting OSX installed first. To solve your problem with JMicron, you should either use a SATA dvd drive or purchase a SATA/IDE cable - otherwise you may not be able to boot from the downloaded CD. There are ways to get Jmicron IDE to recognise your retail disk, but I have not tried it out You MUST make sure your install disk is retail, not specifically for a mac (i.e. "repair disk") otherwise you cannot use it. hope that helps p.s. i just noticed you already use boot 132! in that case, the SATA DVD drive will solve your problem - i should have read your post first!
  6. P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    That message comes up if you are not using a retail disk, but are in fact using a restore disk that comes directly from Apple with a laptop. So you will need to find a retail disk.
  7. Hi guys I have successfully used the Boot-132 method of installing OS X and everything is working very well - in fact, it's a clone of my Macbook Pro O/S running on my Asus P5K, - using the "put the CD in the drive" method of booting. Recently, both my XP partitions on a separate hard drive have become unbootable - one of them I have a clone of. My question:- Can I install a clone of the OS X partition and a clone of the XP partition on one hard drive, rather than re-installing everything from scratch? Can I take my current OS X disk, repartition it into 2 and format one half of it as FAT32 or whatever, then restore the XP clone to it? Or can you not partition OS X disks without wiping them - Disk utility doesn't appear to have the option? If that's the right procedure, would booting from the Boot 132 CD allow me to choose which one I want to boot from? I must apologise for not being completely clear on the differences between MBR and GUID, and whether you can change from one to the other without re-formatting. thanks p.s. I posted a guide on the ASUS P5K with Kalyway 10.5.2 a while back which I guess is getting a bit old now but perhaps it will be useful to some people. My Setup: ASUS P5K, 2Gb Corsair 800MHz, 7300GT, Mbox2, Pro Tools, 1TB Seagate External HD, plenty of SATA internal HD's
  8. Fantastic stuff! I had some issues where my hack stopped booting (kept going to the loginapp recurring boot thing with an error message - oddly, on the same day that my real macbook did the same thing, I wonder if its because I've been messing about trying to network them together?) Anyway, I just restored my hackintosh drive from a 50Gb clone I first made of it, and its perfect - you don't need to redo the EFI stuff, just as munky said! Incidently, the original image was installed using the Macbook Pro install disks to my sata drive in an enclosure, so it's completely vanilla. It's amazing, I love it! A quad core Pro Tools rig which i can use when my macbook runs out of power!! I have a folder backed up with all the kexts I am using for an install on an ASUS P5K with a 7300GT graphics card, with QE and QI, all working (except onboard sound which is easily fixed - I don't use it anyway - the kext off the Kalyway 10.5.1 disk work for it) - including the Attansic Gigabit LAN also. The contents are:- ACPIPS2NUB.KEXT APPLEAC97AUDIO.KEXT APPLEACPIPLATFORM.KEXT APPLEAHCIPORT.KEXT APPLIEAPIC.KEXT APPLEAZALIAAUDIO.KEXT APPLEGENERICPCATA.KEXT APPLEINTELINTEGRATEDFRAMEBUFFER.KEXT APPLENFORCEATA.KEXT APPLESMBIOS.KEXT APPLEVIAATA.KEXT ATTANSICL1ETHERNET.KEXT GEFORCE.KEXT INTELCPUPMDISABLE.KEXT NVDANV50HAL.KEXT NVDARESMAN.KEXT NVINJEXT.KEXT SMBIOSENABLER.KEXT DSMOS.KEXT These files are saved in Extensions in the EFI partition. If you want, you can use them in the Boot 132 INITRD.dmg image file when you first install by this method In Geforce.kext I am using this insert: <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x039310de</string> In NVDResman.kext I am using this:- <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x039310de</string> In NVInjext.kext: <key>NVCAP</key> <data> BAAAAAAACQAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= </data> <key>NVPM</key> <data> AQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA== </data> which translates as an NVCAP value of 04000000 00000900 06000000 00000000 00000000 if you insert it using plist pro In an earlier post I was having difficulty with the 7300GT. I am not sure, but since putting back the AppleAPIC.kext into the boot disk it all worked again - I don't know what this kext does though. I hope all that helps someone out! Took me ages to collate all the info. Cheers
  9. Hi Blade yeah, thanks that's really helpful and you've hit the nail on the head! now i don't feel so bad about posting such a long post! I'll have another go tomorrow with the plist editor and see what happens with it. Or I may just wait for the GUI version!
  10. hey excellent work and guide Munky! This is really exciting stuff! I clean installed onto an external HD from my Macbook Pro using my 10.5.2 repair disk and updated to 10.5.4, then plugged it into my PC by usb, booted using the bumby-boot-132 disk, then followed this guide and it's working fine. Can't get much more vanilla than that! I've been having issues getting my 7300 GT to work at all though using EFI strings in the boot.plist file (using EFI studio) after many many attempts i wondered if it might by the plist itself, so i changed it to just having a -v kernel flag in and a timeout flag to see if was actually being recognised at all. it's not - - nothing happens on boot (i.e., it just gets to darwin prompt with the choice of HD, as usual). I have the new com.apple.boot.plist file saved in the default HD preferences/systemconfigiguration/ directory, also in the root of EFI , and also in library/preferences/systemconfiguration/ file in the EFI partition as well. i've tried just having one copy at a time in each place too. its like it's just not being read at all. But if that was the case it wouldn't boot at all, right?? Am I doing something glaringly obviously wrong? I'm using v3. Is it about permissions and ownership on the plist file - something I never really got the hang of? - I've just been editing the boot.plist file with Textedit. On a slight aside, if you use EFI strings in boot.plist file, does this mean you no longer need a kext installed? I'm always getting "no kext loaded" on the graphics properties. I COULD use the kexts on disk method, but once this is done I want to carbon copy clone it and keep it vanilla and in a safe place. Cheers p.s. To the guys having trouble with blinking cursors after doing this; make sure you haven't got an extra USB thumb stick plugged in the back of your PC where you can't see it if you are trying to boot from an external USB HD! I did and it took me 4 goes before I realised it was trying to boot from the wrong one! ASUS P5K Q6600 2.4Ghz 2GB Corsair 800Mhz 7300 GT (which I have managed to get working in the past using NVinject or Natit with NVCAP, I can' remember which one now) Macbook Pro 10.5.4 2.Ghz 2GB
  11. Ok , I've had an interesting experience tonight I got hold of a caddy and installed my MacBook Pro 10.5.2 OS disk on it, and then migrated everything over, so effectively creating a hack version of my macbook pro i then copied over dsmos.kext, appleacpiplatform.kext, and applesmbios.kext, and removed appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext. i then installed chameleon on to the USB drive and put it in my pC when i tried to boot it got to the gray apple screen and stopped. unfortunately, i have a ps2 keyboard and a usb keyboard, and whatever i do i cannot get -v to come up to find out what is wrong (tried holding down windows and V and also CTRL and V becuase i cant remember which one is the CMD key at the moment) - i also tried unplugging the USB and plugging it in again just as the "loading darwin" screen came to see if it is my keyboard not being recognised. so, i put in a Boot-132 cd that i had burned (the bumby one i think) and lo and behold, it worked!! so now i have a perfect copy of my macbook So, i guess what i need to know is a) how do i get -v as an option to come up when booting my hackintosh so i can find out what is wrong and what kexts do i need to replace, i am imagining that some of the ones on the cd are making it work, but i want to know which ones. the cd holds the following kexts:- nvkush dsmos intelcpumdisabler acpips2nub appleac97audio appleacpiplatform appleahciport appleapic appleazalia applegeneric appleintelintedgratedframebuffer applenforceata appleps2controller applesmbios appleviaata smbiosenabler any help appreciated - i could not find any threads about installing by this method anywhere in google land. I have a perfect kalyway install as noted in my link above so i know the hardware is not an issue cheers
  12. thanks David, that sounds promising. I'll order a caddy and post back with some results. Just to confirm then, everyone, if I get this done and install on the external drive, am I only really adding DSMOS.kext (from, say, Kalyway 10.5.1) and removing appleIntelCPUpowermanagment.kext to get a basic vanilla install working on my P5K? Is that all it takes to get a vanilla install going, or am I missing something? (assuming we ignore the onboard sound and ethernet for the time being - I have working kexts for those which I can replace afterwards) to be honest, 10.5.2 combo kalyway with the NVinject has worked flawlessly, but i tried the 10.5.3 kalyway combo updater and it just broke straightway. I'd like to get at least 10.5.4 working to keep up with my macbook, and try out Pro Tools on my hack. Firewire is a definite must - it works using Kalyway so if it doesnt work using this method what should i be looking out for? Cheers! p.s. if anyone wants help for the P5K 10.5.1 kalyway install here is my original post showing all the settings I used:- http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry664623
  13. I tried amending the distribution file in the OSInstall.mpkg to change all the "Badmachines" references to "true" and resaving the package as per various guides I found on the t'interweb, but still no joy. "OS X Cannot be instaled on this machine" My disk is AHT Version 3A136 10.5.2 Alternatively, if it's not possible, could one use, say a USB caddy to plug a 3.5inch PC hard drive directly into a Macbook Pro, then install the OEM disk to the hard drive as a new install, then amend kexts and install chameleon afterwards?? I currently have Kalyway's 10.5.2 disk as well. Any trickery to be done with either of these two disks to make a virtually retail version? Or am I just gonna have to wait another week for this damn 6.66 Gb retail disk to d/l at 9kbps?? It makes no diff to the content of this thread, but FYI I have an ASUS P5K with 2GB Corsair RAM, 7300GT and a Macbook Pro as well.
  14. What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    i use a motu 828mkii usb - have done for a year or so on my pc - it's great. i stuck it thru logic on my mbp and on my hackintosh and it appears to work flawlessly - the motu mac drivers are way better than pc i am gonna buy an mbox 2 pro factory firewire for my mbp shortly as i need to start using pro tools, will try it out on my hackintosh too and report with some results in a month or two.
  15. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Superhai ought to be banned because i just found this thread and thought i'd join in.