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Virtualize boot camp with Parallels?

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I have my vista drive (ntfs) being emulated using the boot camp option in VMWare Fusion. I'd prefer to do this using Parallels.


Parallels is saying that there is no operating system on my boot camp drive. How do I fix this?


P.S. There is only one partition on the vista drive...

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Hello! I have found a solution of your problem in Parallels Knowledge Base (If I understand your problem correctly):

Parallels Desktop requires sp2.cab file to operate with your Boot Camp partition. By default, the file is stored at C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache.

To resolve the issue, copy the driver.cab file located at the same directory and rename it to sp2.cab.

There is also Parallels Official Forum. Maybe you should try to find answer there if it doesn't work...

Good luck! :unsure:

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