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  1. Dumped

    Well, this situation is very familiar for me as I were in your shoes couple of times... And as I am very sensitive it was very hard to overcome breakups... But I have worked up some rules for me: 1. Try to find something positive in this break-up. (I.e. this breakup means that this girl is not for me and I'm going to meet another one soon ) 2. Take a diary and write your feelings and emotions about this break-up. If you release them outside you will feel better. 3. Yeah, spend more time with your friends to let this situation go from your mind and to draw away from it... If nothing of this helps... and you still can't overcome... Well.. Try another recipe.. You can try to return her.. Once when I try to return GF it did work.. You should invent some interesting way to attract her again.. For example, I sent my GF flowers at home.. I knew that it would work for her as she was rather young and didn't have such surprises before.. This action has returned our relations but not for a long time.. By the way, how long have you been dating?
  2. TV Commercials/Adverts

    I don't think we can get rid of advertising completely because adverising is the thing TV companies make their money from... Sometimes I like adverts as they bring me some kind of information but mostly advertising is very annoyong.. What about Sattelite channels? In Russia we have nice Sattelite TV and there wasn't any advertising for a long time.. But now it is appearing gradually and now we already have rather broad advertising on Sattelite TV channels. I think it is unfair. Providers try to grab money from anyone they can: from adverisers and from us. We pay money for TV, not for watching adverising..
  3. Parallels only opens sometimes

    So your Parallels sometimes opens and sometimes not? Does it say something when you can't open it? Take a look at this Parallels Forum page.. Maybe there you can find a solution...
  4. virtualization on vista?

    Could you please clarify your question.. Do you mean what soft (Parallels or Fusion) is better to run Vista on Mac?
  5. Virtualise my windows partition.

    I guess you have the same problem as the guy in another thread... If I understand you correctly you have Windows XP running through Boot Camp and you want to run it through Parallels, right? That's what I've found in Parallels Knowledge Base: There is also Parallels Official Forum. I think you should try to find the answer there if what I posted above doesn't work... Good luck!
  6. Hello! I have found a solution of your problem in Parallels Knowledge Base (If I understand your problem correctly): There is also Parallels Official Forum. Maybe you should try to find answer there if it doesn't work... Good luck!
  7. Homosexuals

    This is the only forum I've seen where this subject is so popular.. I am afraid of assuming what does it mean... Answering the question of the thread I would say that we are all supposed to be free in this world.. I am not against homosexuals. It doesn't matter for me... It is even very good for me and all geterosexuals! More women for us!!!!!
  8. Graffiti

    I think I have nice decision for "Graffity problem"... I suppose there should me some area in every city where people can do graffity... There even could be some competitions between people who do graffity. For example winner's piece of art stays at the wall for 3 years.. In some time the art is erased and there is a place for another pics. In other areas graffity should be illegal. I think it is fair.
  9. Russia is governed by an autocracy

    To revive this thread, I want to ask you one question... There are no official voting results yet but everyone knows that Mr. Medvedev is a new President of Russian Federation. I wonder what do you guys, people who don't live in Russia, think and know about Russia's new president Dmitriy Medvedev? Will be very interesting to know. Cheers. And here is a nice Russian joke about Putin and Medvedev: Putin and Medvedev walk into a restaurant and order steak. The waiter then ask: "What about vegetables?" Puting replies: "Yeah, the vegetable will also have a steak."
  10. So, if you are going to get Parallels Desktop Premium edition which is a special offer too, because there several free useful apps (Kaspersky Internet Security and 2 Acronis apps) then you will save $15 after rebate. If you want just Upgrade to Premium Edition then you will save $10 off of the already special upgrade price. Full info is here. Good luck!
  11. For those who are deciding to get Virtual Machine's soft in the nearest future, I recommend you not to miss the opportunity to save your money! I've just found out that Parallels now has their next special "spring offer". For example, It lets you to save up to $15 on getting Parallels Desktop Premium and then $10 on its upgrading. Looks pretty nice and attractive! They call it "Break into Spring". Well, it seems to be that Parallels' marketing is doing well his job to make its product more attractive for their customers... I always thought before that Parallels is very customer-oriented company with its excellent support system and nice offers... This offer is another confirmation. I could save my money if I buy Parallels Desktop today. But I already have it...
  12. I really recommend you to look for a solution on Parallels' official web-site. The have nice support. I'm sure you can find the answer on your pretty specific question in their Knowledge Base or Forum.
  13. God botherers, I want your opinions.

    May I ask you another question? Why do you think that free will and God existance are alternative things? I think we all have free will and God do exists. Or you think our actions and wishes are all God's actions and wishes? On the other hand there is a saying: If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans!
  14. what made you switch to mac?

    Did you guys read this 50 Reasons to Switch From Mac to PC article? Looks pretty convincing...
  15. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill 30 Seconds to Mars - Savior 30 Seconds to Mars - Echelon