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Odd "static" in some sounds


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I'm troubleshooting this weird problem. Here's the hardware:


Sager 5793 laptop (Penryn CPU)

Realtek ALC883 audio


Software is 10.5.2 "Leo4All"

ALC883 option was chosen during setup (seems to use a pre-modded AppleHDA)


In certain sounds I get static and bad distortion. Like in Colloquoy, the "scratch" noise does it. In MSN Messenger the default "message received" sound does it. Random other sounds do it also. The weird thing is, any sound that does it, ALWAYS does it.


I've installed the AppleAzaliaAudio kext which didn't help (tho it is now active). What could cause this? Anyone seen anything like this?

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Try switching the sample rate for output from 44100 to 48000 in some audio midi option thingy located in the utilities folder.


It's strange, in the MIDI thingy there's no option for change sample rate for output, at least for my alc850...


The sound i'm unable to hear is that of GarageBand or System Sounds (only strange garbage as stated above)


The really annoying thing is that this was working like a charm in my old tiger (10.4.8) :-S

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